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Apple rolls out new iPod home stereo box, Mac mini - Yahoo! News

28 February 2006
Apple rolls out new iPod home stereo box, Mac mini - Yahoo! News

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Computer Inc. on Tuesday introduced a new iPod "Hi-Fi" home stereo system and a new Mac mini powered by an Intel chip the company said was nearly five times faster than the previous version, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said the iPod home stereo, which is not designed to be portable but is easy to carry, is compatible with all versions of the iPod. The machine sells for $349 and is available today.

"It's a home stereo reinvented for the iPod age," Jobs said.

The latest addition to the iPod family marks Apple's latest attempt to tighten its grip on the booming market for digital music machines.

Apple is far and away the leader in digital music players, with nearly 62 percent of the U.S. market for MP3 players in the fourth quarter of 2005, up from 52 percent in the year-earlier quarter, according to market research firm NPD Group.

Since the IPod's introduction in October 2001, Cupertino, California-based Apple has sold more than 42 million of the sleek devices, with about a third of that total coming in the fourth quarter of 2005. iPod sales accounted for 51 percent of the company's $5.75 billion in revenue in that quarter.

Apple also introduced on Tuesday a new Mac mini with a single core Intel chip as much as three times faster than the previous version. He also said the Mac mini with an even more powerful dual core Intel chip was nearly five times as fast as the previous version.

The Mac mini is Apple's entry level machine aimed at people who already have a computer or are thinking about replacing one because it is sold without a monitor, keyboard or mouse.

Jobs said the single core Mac mini sells for $599 while the machine with the dual core chip retails for $799. Both models are available today, Jobs said.

The new products come as Apple is moving its entire lineup of
Macintosh notebook and desktop PCs and servers to Intel microprocessors by the end of 2006.

At the Macworld conference in January, Jobs unveiled the MacBook Pro notebook and the iMac all-in-one desktop PC, both of which use Intel's chips and related elements.

Shares of Apple were trading down about 2.5 percent at $69.21 on Nasdaq.

-sigh- i know what i want when i get out.... -grin-
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the High Dials diary

the High Dials tour diary

i love these guys, we've done a couple shows with them and it's always a riot at the end when they get out the sitar and space out for 20 minutes.
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white noise

I know if I do this study I'm going to watch a fair amount of TV, however, I'd be nice enough to keep the volume as low as I could and not watch it all day. There are a lot of books I want to read, and things I want to learn to watch TV all day long. If anything I'd keep it on for backround noise if I'm not in the mood for music.
I do, however, understand how annoying it can be to have it on all day long if you want nothing to do with it.
Zen out all you want.

you get a lot of background noise just from the hospital itself. the air purifiers also provide "white noise"... i think they do have the discovery channel and the history channel, but thats going to be a last ditch effort.


i just do not feel like eating today. i don't feel sick or anything, but i'm simply not hungry. the dietician wont' be happy, plus it sounds like i may have lost five pounds or so. oops. some of that could be water weight or something, that's a fairly dramatic drop within a week.


and i hate to admit it, but i'm a sucker for the haute couture fashion weeks that are going on right now. and of course, the shit i've been doing for months is what's hot. now all the scenesters and fashionistas are gonna be copping my style, when i can't even be out to defend my "i was doing this first" title.


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27 February 2006
i probably bitch too much here.

and i should be reading more, spending less time online. bad me.
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day eight

i've been bad about water... i haven't had enough yet today. i'm still on my second pitcher, i should have at least started the third by now (8:15)
ok, so i just sucked down all of my water, had to pee like it was no one's business, and started a third pitcher. (unfortunately, most of my bodily functions are in fact, someone's business during this study.)
i've been trying to start a new project but i'm having a difficult time picking one and then getting started on it. all the time in the world and i can't concentrate for shit.
i've been kinda cranky today. mostly because the tv issue isn't resolved yet.

there was all kinds of grumbling this morning... i'm laying here, ultra-groggy at 7am with people asking me how many times i peed yesterday. wtf? they save my urine (yes, you read that right) to make sure i'm drinking enough water, that i'm not at risk for kidney stones, all kinds of things. and at least one of the nurses yesterday wasn't doing that. so there was 700mL of urine saved, and i'd had had close to 3000mL to drink yesterday. wow. people were pissed (haha, no pun intended)

blah blah blah neighbor issues at home. i may be coming home to a brand new apartment, if this stupid shit keeps up with the downstairs neighbor.
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the sight of bridges and balloons makes calm canaries irritable

one of my favorite things i've gotten from you ain't no picasso is the decemberists covering a joanna newsom song, bridges and balloons.

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paper tiger

 a paper tiger can't tell you where he stands...
now listening: spoon - paper tiger Posted by Picasa
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tv issues

just wondering if the part for getting the tv through the computer was rec'd, or if it might be in place soon. i don't mean to be mean or anything, but listening to that[the other test subject's] tv day in and day out is seriously intruding on my peace of mind and general sanity.

from an email i sent to ricki (study coordinator)

i haven't really said much about it yet, but it's been a week and i think she's being horribly inconsiderate at this point.

sara (the person who works on the suspensions) made an astute observation last week "you're all zen-ed out in your room with your plants and what not,... and she's in there watching tv."

exactly, it kind of ruins the "get away and have some peace of mind" mentality i had coming in. i'm sure the people reviewing the tapes will be randomly surprised at my middle-fingered-gestures towards my rude neighbor's general directions. on the tape, i'll look like i'm screaming, but i'm not.

UGH. i've had enough.

almost lab time, hopefully i get some pictures in today. yay!
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lunch time!

 never a good thing when you have to check the menu to find out what yr eating.

after it arrives. Posted by Picasa
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 my knitting and crochet stuff is slowly starting to take over the room. well, that and mike's plants. ^_^ Posted by Picasa
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random and interesting

peace quotes
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hats and bedhead

This is the longest I think I've ever seen your hair in the 8 years I've known you.

-- Jenn

yep, it will be shoulder length by the time i get out too. i think this is the longest i've had it since...grade school. early grade school at that.

and now i know why my mom cut it... it tangles. and tangles. without me even trying. i have the worst case of bed head. ever. (of course!)

hooray for hats! you should make me a hat. :D I'll return the favor with a necklace (I've gotten rather crafty with the hemp.)

-- Jenn

what color hat do you want? any particular style? gah! when are you due, anyway? i've got some yarn around here somewhere i could turn into a really cute baby hat. (uh oh, it's begun. making baby clothes. hehe)
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more of the FO's

26 February 2006
 (fo=finished object, by the by.) Posted by Picasa
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 a quick crochet scarf and a hat knitted in the round. whee! instant gratification! (this is such a goofy thing for me to make right now. winter is over for me, the next time i'm going outside is may 15th!) Posted by Picasa
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day seven (all day visitor!)

today felt like i accomplished something. i finished a hat (originally meant to be a bag for my headphones, which happened to fit PERFECTLY on my head. wtf? i couldn't do that if i was actually TRYING to make a hat...) and a scarf (the leftover yarn from that skein.) so i get bitch badges for those too! (stitch n bitch "friendship pins", except for finishing projects.)

becca (from my stitch n bitch group) spent five hours here today! wow. she's considering doing this study in may, so she wanted to spend a lot of time, asking me a lot of questions, finding out how things work in here, and we spent a lot of time knitting and crocheting, fawning over cute overload and gagging over the fug at you knit what?!. a nice contrast. she also brought me some knitting needles, some yarn (awesome!), four movies and two books. wow. that felt great. -grin- becca, i know you're reading this, and i know i said it about a million times, but thank you so much for taking an afternoon to come hang out.

mike brought fresh laundry, and a quick nuzzle. i miss him so much. he was going to come back later in the afternoon, but when he called, he sounded so worn out. he's been running around all over town, between the kids, work, me, and band practices... he's beat. i told him to stay home and chill out. he's been a really awesome boyfriend this week, and i figured i'd save him a drive and some time that he could really use to just fall asleep. poor guy.

ok, going to take some pictures and upload them to both the SNB yahoo group and the blog, so more posts shortly.
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day seven

spent most of my morning downloading more music from you ain't no picasso's archives. i'm over a gig of music already. awesome.

also added some stuff to the sidebar, current projects, books i'm reading, things like that. nothing much to report. i'm pretty bored, but i've got a lot to do. i'm doing a full front-back-insideback-inside front looped album art for the grog shop show.

haven't decided on a graphic for the bjm archive layout yet. still thinking about it.

nothing much else to report. just hanging out. mike's on his way down with fresh laundry.


i'm up to three pitchers of water a day. holy COW.
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end of day six

25 February 2006
still lonely, and recovering from some vertigo that felt like i was going to get dumped off the side of the bed, it was so bad i actually held onto the bed for a minute. blech, managed to not throw up, good, good, but i sure as shit felt like it. it hit me out of the blue.

mike brought me another plant today, so i have three plants (a money tree, a plant from his work that's been growing for about a year now, and a huge hanging plant that i can't wait to put up. or, have someone put it up for me) and a huge bouquet of little white daisies from mike. its nice having plants around, and the best part is, is that when i get home, i get to take all these home with me and we'll start our little jungle.

i took my ambien earlier than usual, i could barely stay awake this morning. tammy had to come in and wake me up at least once. it took me a long time to fall asleep last night, mostly because i felt like i was in the middle of a waking nightmare. being stuck in bed, and i just wanted to get up and not be where i was. but all i could do was stare at the ceiling and think about going home. i hope this doesn't continue. it's bad for morale in camp erin.

however, my stomach is feeling a little better. but it's not completely gone.

i feel the ambien kicking in a little, so i suppose that's my cue to wrap up and call it a night. but i tell you what, the big long body pillow is no replacement for sleeping in the same bed as someone. doesn't even come close.

night night. seventy eight days left.
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conversations from a message board

Just go to [my dept] and ask for you? Like, you're allowed to stand up and walk and shit like that?

maybe i've been misunderstood. there is -no- getting up and walking around for me (although at this point i want get up and run away. but i'm being good, and i probably wouldn't be able to run very well already..) you have to come to my room and hang out with me while i'm laying down. i don't go anywhere, i don't leave this room except for lab time. i am laying down twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, for twelve weeks. and on top of that, i'm laying down with my head below the rest of my body (slightly, but believe me, it's recognizable.)
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my brain hurts.

oh my GOD.
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 pig tails! the one hairstyle i've figured out that doesn't put an uncomfortable lump under my head. Posted by Picasa
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lets try this again?

 i found out how to post more than one picture at a time. go me.

 all of my food is labeled like this.

 chilling. what else IS there to do in bed?

 lots of pictures from this angle. mike sits at the head of the bed quite often.

hope this posts.... Posted by Picasa
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just because i think this is funny

 our neighbors ran into the garage door.
yes, let me say that again.


morons. Posted by Picasa
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You Ain't No Picasso

You Ain't No Picasso
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JBIPix of the Day

JBIPix of the Day
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day six (lonely weekends)

i've got nothing against nurses. but i'm kind of sick of them being pretty much the only people i see all day. mike has been in here every day, but i doubt i'm going to see him tomorrow, sounds like things are pretty busy. it gets lonely in here, i can only drown out so much, i can only read so much. i miss people. i miss leia and henry, erica, holly, mike a, ben, eric..... to name a few among many. i miss my friends and i've yet to hear from even a third of them. and that was mostly posts in online forums saying "hey! look! i'm over here now!"


i had a major "what the FUCK am i doing here" moment last night. i just thought "this is a bad dream, i'm going to wake up soon and i'll be at home." or this is what a coma feels like. something.i'm not used to being so confined, so limited in my movements. maybe i should have considered this a little more before committing to something like this. i'm not going to quit, but i'm not feeling that great about everything right now either. nor with the friends situation.

i'm trying to stay positive but that is obviously proving to be a little more difficult than i imagined. it doesn't help that it LOOKS like i'm crying all the time because my eyes won't stop watering (my tear ducts are upside down)

ass-tastic is the word of the day. and i'm feeling it all over.

-sigh-hopefully the sun comes in my window a little more today.
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The Smoking Gun: Backstage Pass

The Smoking Gun: Backstage Pass

i officially love the smoking gun now. who woulda thunk it... weird al is a strict vegan. far out.
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24 February 2006
oh no. they have a game called "ricochet" on this computer, which is basically "brick" with perks.

fuck. i'm done. that's the end of me.

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collage work, a lot of fun
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set up

 my computer set up. sweet. Posted by Picasa
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 ok,so..... now what? Posted by Picasa
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this is it......

crawling into bed. most anti-climactic finish. ever. Posted by Picasa
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t minus five minutes and counting......

 i've got five minutes until i get into bed. yep, last photo of me standing up in three months. whew! Posted by Picasa
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tap tap tap

 intial blood work. the tourniquet is the hottest fashion accessory this fall.. all the models are sporting one underneath the latest creations..... Posted by Picasa
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more day one

 yep, still freaking out. mike and me hanging out in the hall before admitting. (which took ten times longer than it should have. eesh) Posted by Picasa
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day one

 starting to get my room in order. you can't tell, but i'm freaking out. seriously. Posted by Picasa
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more packing, sunday night

 the living room was a disaster when i left it. oops, sorry mike. Posted by Picasa
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pictures, finally (almost a week late... i'm lazy)

  of course i left all of my packing til the very last minute. duh. Posted by Picasa
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Go Knit In Your Hat: December 2005

Go Knit In Your Hat: December 2005

again, wanted to save this link for future reference. -grin-

i know, i'm being lazy about posting today.
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day four (seasickness and NASA folks)

23 February 2006
today has been pretty good so far, it's about 430 and i'm waiting for my friend jay to get here.
i slept better last night, mostly due to to the sleeping pill they gave me last night. where would we ever be without modern medicine? and more pill news: the pill they gave me for my stomach is starting to make this a little easier. whew. finally.

mike showed up early with a bouquet of daisies today, and they're beautiful. then he went to suspension lab with me and he was my entertainment while sara finished a harness for don.

i was kind of goofing off in the suspension, and all of a sudden, i was staring at the ceiling thinking i was going to be violently ill in my modified hockey helmet. gross. major case of random seasickness, and it didn't go away for almost an hour later.


jay just left, had a good solid half hour+ of his weirdness, which was nice. he's such a spaz. ^_^ mike is on his way back over at some point.


i'm being really lazy about hitting "publish" today.

so now it's about 845, i'm just hanging out, mike left a little while ago, and i've decided that i simply do not like the bathroom situation. by far the worst part of the study. it sucks having to call someone every time you have to go, and then call them again to have them take it away. wtf.

i had nasa visitors today, someone from johnson space center (JSC) in houston, and two from glenn, the research center here in cleveland. there were also two research.. funding.. something or others from the cleveland clinic. i didn't catch their actual job description, but i didn't want to not mention they were here. kathy from jsc said that if i was ever in houston, i could take a tour of their research facilities, check out the control room, all kinds of stuff. they're really excited that more people are taking part in the study, and they're all about giving me plenty of perks. you know, VIP treatment at JSC, hour long full body massages three times a week, stuff like that. oh, and i got a nifty little pin, too.

oi. promise: pictures coming soon, as soon as i stop being LAZY. lazy lazy lazy. but then again, i am just laying around in bed all day.

i get an hour every day to be gone from my room and that's to go to the lab. it's almost like prison, except i get hugs from my visitors and stuff. you know. ^_^

ok, it's not really like prison. i just can't (or rather, am chosing not to) go home.

-sigh- i really do miss mike though.he left like.... a half hour ago. what the hell?

chill time.
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day three

22 February 2006
mike and holly both came around to hang out last night, which was nice. i'm still kind of grumpy because of my stomach, but hopefully i'll feel better soon. mike brought me another plant (a vine plant this time), and lab mike brought me a weird plant that you put a section in upside down, the leaves take root and then the stem starts growing upwards. SO weird, but i'm curious to see how it turns out.

i did not sleep well at all last night. crying, tossing and turning, the whole bit. blech. and by the time i woke up for the four millionth time, i was like "oh yeah, they ordered ambien [sleeping pill] for me, i should ask...." it was 3am and i was due to be up in three hours. not the best time to take a sleeping pill. but not being home is starting to affect me.

they ordered nexium for the two of us as well, we (the two test subjects) have both been having a hell of a time with the indigestion/acid reflux feeling. it's kind of helping, but they said it would be a couple days before it really kicked in. whatever, just so long as it does.


this entry has been up on my screen al day, and i've just been really lazy about finishing it.

i'm still in a haze from the hour long full body massage. WOW. awesome! i can't even begin to tell you great it is to get that on a regular basis. highlight of my day.

tonight i'm actually going to turn the tv on, pbs is doing a monty python marathon.

-nods off- it's been a long day.
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rules for visiting

21 February 2006
visiting hours and rules are as follows:
* 12-8 every day (this is vaguely flexible)
* 2 people at a time, though if more than two people show up independently (unplanned), they probably aren't going to send someone home
* you can bring me things, but all packages will be inspected by the nurses to make sure there isn't any forbidden food. which leads me to my next point:
* you can't bring any food or drink into my room. at all. i'm on a very strict diet, they have to keep track of everything i eat. they don't think it would be fair to me to bring in chocolate or mcdonalds or whatever else.
* my room is under video surveillance 24/7, to make sure of my compliance with this study. you know, to make sure i'm not getting up, dancing a jig, and getting back into bed again. protocol deviation!
* you personally will not be subjected to any weird tests while you are there. but, you may witness me being subjected to weird tests on any given day. (tuesdays in particular, it seems)
* i'm kicking everyone out for bathroom time (which is embarrassing enough as it is. jeez.)
* as well as full body massage time. (monday wednesday friday, times vary with the masseuse's schedule.)
* you are welcome to accompany me to my lab suspension sessions, which are every weekday from 130-3. but you'll have to be in my room before patient transport gets here, because these guys are not only quick, they are punctual: one minute i'm here, the next minute i'm gone.

the most important rule:

IF YOU (or your significant other/kids) HAVE A COLD, PLEASE DO NOT COME VISIT. getting a cold on the outside is bad enough, but in the head down tilt (HDT) position, it will be awful. i have been warned extensively on this, and i'm already having enough problems with my sinus congestion.

and, as always, please wash your hands. :-)

i think i've got everything. whew.
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day two

maybe it's just the fact that i didn't have the strong lights on. but i feel a little more motivated to do something other than lay here and try to not fall asleep. i was having some serious bedrest apathy this morning, mike tried to help me out with that but i'm not sure it worked too well. i'm feeling a little better, listening to music and probably going to read some more, but i still dont' feel like eating. and i'm TRYING to stretch out my leg, because ricki said she asked doug about it, and it's probably that muscle tightening up because i'm not using it much anymore.

i'm back from suspension, and that was fun. i felt very much like a puppet.

and now i'm going to see if i'm going to have any visitors today. other than mike. mike will be here every day.

he brought me a plant too! it helps, it really really does.

i've never drank so much water in my LIFE.

back to vonnegut. gotta have something to do before my knitting needles and crochet hooks get here (WHAT WAS I THINKING?)
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day two (complaining and readjustments abound!)

ok, first off, not liking the bathroom situation here. and there's nothing tthat can really be done about it. and its embarrasing to have to call someone every time you have to pee. it really is.

second, my leg is bugging the fork out of me. ergh. tried heat for awhile, but then it just felt like a wet diaper after awhile. gross! and when i went to do my stretches, it just started hurting again. great. so the tylenol elixir (it sounds better than it is) didnt' really help, maybe tomorrow we'll be able to try something else.

bleh. shall i continue?

my stomach is pretty much upside down, (or at least sideways) it doesn't like it much, and it's letting me know. i don't feel like eating because of this either, because it's just going to make my stomach hurt more.

i'm supposed to be doing my stretches, and i can't get into them. don't know what it is. just like.... a general apathy has set in.laying in bed is lazy bum behavior.

ok, lab time. back later.
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day one winding down

20 February 2006
ok, i'm not feeling so great just because my body isn't getting used to the head down tilt as quickly as i'd like. my stomach hurts like it's nobody's business. and my throat is sore

and my knee has inexplicably started to bruise and ache. fun. i know it's from the muscle biopsy, and i know it's to be expected. but i didn't really think it would be like this. and it's not really near the biopsy site, so i'm a little surprised.

not that anyone really wants to know, but going to the bathroom sucks around here. mannnn. it does. but that's all i'm really going to say about this for now. well, this, and the fact that they're having me drink a TON of water (2 - 3 liters a day.) and i have to pee a lot. uhm. thanks.

going to chill out and talk to mike a little more and consider going to bed soon.
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day one

first day of bedrest, not too bad so far. still trying to get comfortable with this new computer, must get an awesome wallpaper, SOMETHING to go over this crappy corporate stuff. mike spent all of the morning (and some of the afternoon) here, just hanging out and reading. it started sinking in after he left, but i'm sure it wont really hit me until it's time to go to bed and he's not there. bummer.

getting used to the -6 degree tilt is something else. i'm all stuffed up and ... stuff.

mike gets to take my awesome sony headphones home though, because the ones they gave me are pretty nice.

ok, i'm kind of spaced out and can't concentrate on ANYTHING.
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last day of freedom!

19 February 2006
last free day today, i'd have to say we made the most of it.

slept in late, huge breakfast (french toast, eggs, bacon, orange juice. yum) hung out for awhile, took my last standing up shower for three months, and went thrift shopping all afternoon for sweat pants and hoodies and things that i didn't have. i wear jeans ALL THE TIME and i was kind of surprised when i started packing last night......... i don't have sweatpants. at all. got a bunch of cool stuff, the kids got new toys, mike got a bunch of new button down shirts, and some stuff for the apartment.

he's going to be bringing me plants and a bunch of other things to keep my room feeling less like a hospital room and more like a cool place to hang out. hospitals kind of freak me out, which is why i'm amazed i've even made it this far in the study. i do not like hospitals!

mike took me out for sundaes at malley's. my mouth waters just THINKING about it. wow. i'd nevre been there before, and it was beeeeeeeeautiful.

we went down to henry james practice for a little bit, and then i came home and packed up a bunch of stuff. whew. it's almost 11, and it's time to get in bed and sleep next to mike for the last time in three months. (suck!!!)

jeez, what am i doing on the computer?

i check in tomorrow. eek!
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Kyoko Hashimoto Jewellery

Kyoko Hashimoto Jewellery

just saving links found on the random search again. awesome.
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You Knit What??

15 February 2006
You Knit What??

hours of fun.
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flipbook animation

flipbook animation

i just wanted to save this link. sweet.
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biopsy day

friday: i got to put in my week's notice at work. felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. and i got to tell them i'm going to work for nasa as a 'haha in your FACE' move. awesome points for that.
we drove down to columbus for a show too......... black rebel motorcycle club at the newport. awesome show, had a great time.

saturday: drove home in the morning, worked all day, and had a "going away" party. not that i'm leaving town, i'm just leaving the social scene for three months. which is a long time. i had a lot of fun, it was poorly put together but a lot of cool people showed up......... bah, forget cool people, a lot of my friends showed up and we had a great time hanging out, listening to music, playing music, drinking and crocheting (no kidding)

sunday: played hookie, called off for my last day of work at the garage. slept in. actually, apart from going out for breakfast (at 230pm) we slept all day.

monday: last day of ADR. whew, i was getting sick of that thing.

tuesday: valentines day with mike. awwwww. freakin cute. italian dinner at primo vino's in little italy, and then more drinking with henry and elizabeth.

wednesday (today): the muscle biopsy. (bum bah bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) three words: fuck. FUCK. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. i've got this totally hot waddle/limp thing going on because they TOOK A CHUNK OF MY MUSCLE OUT OF THE FRONT OF MY LEG wwith a REALLY BIG NEEDLE. -shudder- more fun: right afterwards, when they were letting mike into the room, i went into shock. blood pressure dropped, mel said i got white as a sheet and i thought iwas going to be sick all over everything, to hell with your sterile environment, i need to puke. yeck. didn't get sick but it was about an hour and a half before they'd let me leave. i can't walk well and trying to bend my knee sends a wave of nausea throughout my body. ughhhhhhhh.

tomorrow: orientation. meet the entire staff of the study (including the head honcho, who, until 4 days before bedrest, i have not met yet)

friday: my last day at work! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE awesome.

this weekend: packing.

monday, the anti-climatic finish to all of this running about: getting in bed.
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i should be sleeping right now.

08 February 2006
whew. ok, so i've gone through two days of the ambulatory data collection. they put these super special insoles in your my shoes, which are hooked up to long wires all the way up my pant legs (and then some, apparently my legs are short!) and hooked up to this data recorder which is strapped around my waist. the insoles measure how much force i use on my feet every day. (i'm doing data entry all day every day, so there isn't much activity on my data. (thrilling!)

the data recorder itself isn't that heavy. its 10 "D" size battery pack, however, is QUITE heavy, and is where most of the weight comes from. after two days, my back is SORE and i'm not looking forward to day three tomorrow. (i have to have four days of data total, day four will probably be next monday.)

i have also consented to several substudies going on with this NASA study. one involves the chemical makeup of my muscles and involves a muscle biopsy -SHUDDER! ewewewewewwwwwwwwwwwww- and intermittent blood draws. two of them are studying depression in bed rest patients (one is chemical based, one is psychological) i'm sure i'll be able (and willing) to go into great detail once this starts.

but basically, scientists are NOT going to put people to bed for just for these studies, so when these opportunities come up, EVERYONE latches on and tries to get in a question or two. which is cool. i'm not only helping astronauts, i'm helping pregnant women and severely ill patients that have been put on mandatory bedrest. there is a lot to be gained from the research i've volunteered for, and i'm proud to be a part of it.

there will be plenty more to say later, but for now i've got to get to bed, because i have to be up at the asscrack of dawn to get to the Cleveland Clinic ON TIME this time. yeeeeeeeeeeeesh. i am perpetually late.
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ipod list as of 02/03/06

03 February 2006
acetone - i guess i would, york boulevard
air - moon safari
american analog set - know by heart
bauhaus - the sky's gone out
belle and sebastian - boy with the arab strap
black angels - some live radio stuff and one song off the EP
black keys - the big come up
black mountain - self titles
bloc party - silent alarm
brian jonestown massacre - give it back, methadrone, their satanic majesty's second request
bright eyes - lifted, i'm wide awake it's morning, every day and every night (?)
clap yr hands say yeah - self titled
the concretes - self titled
the cure - kiss me kiss me kiss me
dead can dance - into the labyrinth
death cab for cutie - the photo album, forbidden love EP
the dilletantes - raw demos
the dreadful yawns - self titled
bob dylan - blood on the tracks, bringing it all back home
frontier psychiatrists - unreleased!
henry james - he's yr new favorite. check him out like, yesterday.
iggy and the stooges - the stooges
iron and wine - the creek drank the cradle, our endless numbered days, the sea and the rhythm
joanna newsom - the milk-eyed mender
laurie anderson - big science
liars - drums not dead
love and rockets - earth sun moon
my bloody valentine - loveless
new order - power corruption and lies
nick drake - pink moon
the postal service - give up
serge gainsbourge - histoir de melodie nelson
the smiths - strangeways, meat is murder
spiritualized - ladies and gentlemen
stereolab - dots and loops
tom waits - rain dogs
townes van zandt - live at the old quarter
the volta sound - dandelion wine
the warlocks - phoenix album, first EP, rise and fall
the white stripes - get behind me satan
wilco - summerteeth, yankee hotel foxtrot, a ghost is born
yo la tengo - and then nothing

and much much more to come.
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study says:

MRI and CAT scan results came back:

and i'm in, for sure for sure 100%.

i have two weeks left at my crappy crappy job and then I check in on Monday, February 20th.

I check out Monday, May 15th.

hopefully tonight: my ipod albums list thus far.
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re: freakout

"last night i had my first real "freakout" about this study. all of a sudden (unfortunately right in the middle of a really amazing set by henry james)"

i think i watched this happen. you headed for the door (i was stadning right by it). you pushed at it and it didn't open. you turned the knob, left out, anf you didn't come back.


yep. that was it. shit was just not going well for me sunday. fun!

but i'm better now. i'd had little to no sleep the night before, worked all day, and was mentally and physically exhausted by the time we left for the show. not by the time i got to the show, but long long before it was time to leave. bleh. there was also a lot of stuff going on in my head because of the band itself, but that's out of my control and not really worth talking about here, i guess. it was kind of the culmination of about three weeks of getting excited about the study and getting depressed after the show at the grog shop on friday the 13th. add being tired and you have a recipe for eventual disaster.

and, as a side note: that door sucks for throwing temper tantrums/mental breakdowns! you're supposed to be able to just throw the door open and make a scene! ^_^ the beachland should be used to indie rocker melodrama by now... -snicker-
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MRI-day (or, the morning from hell)

02 February 2006
right. the MRI and CAT scans were this morning. yuck.

the first scan took three times as long and screwed up the rest of the schedule for the day (well, at least the MRI tech's schedule. sorry!) something about the data wasn't collecting properly... something. so instead of the hour i was promised, i got THREE. in that loud, stupid machine.

i didn't know this but:

small spaces + loud noises + can't move at all = panic.

and i found out (afterwards) that they have a camera at the top of the tube they put you in, and the tech was watching me freak out in there! shit! totally embarrassing. and the other test subject was scheduled to get an MRI after me, and they had to cancel her appointment to try to catch up. and she's gotta go back sunday MORNING to get hers done.

not my fault, i'm just supposed to lay there.

and the worst part is, i KNOW i've got another one coming up after the study. yuck.

more later, we're going out for Thai.
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midway island

01 February 2006
ok, quick minute of grossness, but today i had my iud taken out for the MRI tomorrow morning. ow!

I found something to do when I get out of the Cleveland Clinic (and the rehabilitation...)

volunteering at Midway Island. wow, that would make for an awesome year.

ok, it's bed time, unfortunately, I have to be up at the ass crack of dawn to get to that MRI appointment.
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