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More goals than the World Cup

29 May 2006
I've been working on my GOALS list for the study. I don't imagine it's a requirement, per se, that you have a goal for your time in bed. However, if someone was going to be lying on their back for 12 weeks and they had nothing to do, they would probably last about 6 hours. So I'm filling up my plate.

I've had this idea for a book that I want to write, but I could never really get focused on it while having to worry about work and bills and all the other things I do with my time. Hopefully, being unable to walk and having a computer in front of me will be the ideal circumstance for getting it done.

I've been playing Scrabble competitively for a little while now. While my vocabulary is decent, there are thousands of words that nobody has ever used in conversation, but are valid, and sometimes necessary, in Scrabble. Allow me to be a nerd for just a minute here:

In Scrabble, you have seven tiles on your rack at all times. To use all seven of these tiles to make one word is to BINGO. When you bingo, you get 50 bonus points added onto the score for the word itself. Somewhere along the line, someone with a ridiculous amount of time on his or her hands figured out a list of bingo stems. A stem is six letters that, when put with another letter, will make a seven-letter word. Obviously, if you have DFGUWXZ, you're not going to bingo. But, if you have the letters AEINRT on your rack, chances are good that the seventh letter will allow you to bingo. This is the RETINA stem. For example:


So, once you memorize those stems (there are 100 of them altogether), you can manage your rack (play off the tiles that aren't in the stem, keep the ones that are) and ideally bingo every few turns.

My goal is to memorize the top 50 stems and the words they make. The 7-letter words that come from these stems are known as TYPE I. The 7-letter words that have high-probability letters in them (A,E,N, etc...) but do NOT come from these stems are known as TYPE II. It is also my goal to memorize all 1,586 of these as well.

I've been asking friends and strangers for book recommendations, and I have put together a list of 30 that I think I would like to read. With all this time on my hands, I hope to be able to make up for all the reading I had to put off due to other things I had going on in my life. 30 books, or 2.5 books a week, seems reasonable. Highlights of the list include:

Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller
I read Tropic of Cancer years ago and loved it, and I bought Capricorn soon after. I've started it several times but never stuck with it.

A People's History of the United States... by Howard Zinn
I bought the abridged Audiobooks version a few months ago for a drive to Columbus and back. Even with Matt Damon reading it, even with hugh chunks extracted, it was very interesting and made me wish I had paid closer attention in history class. For those unfamiliar with this book, it's a historical text that focuses on the "underdogs" in history, for lack of a better term. African-Americans, women, Native Americans, prisoners, anti-war protesters, etc. Anyway, it's a pretty lengthy read, but I think I can learn a lot from it.

I definitely want to have a few more goals before I go to bed. Aside from the goals I'm writing down (I have to submit a list to Ricki), I plan on growing a great beard, planning a vacation, keeping several different journals, and playing lots of Scrabble.

More testing this week... photos to come.
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It's Official: I'm going to bed.

23 May 2006
So today during my Strength Test Set-up, the news arrived via Ricki: My DXA scan was good (my bone density is normal) and I am officially through screening. So I can officially start planning to spend 12 weeks in bed. I'm pretty excited.

Today I arrived for my DXA scan at about 9:20. Julia and Tessa took me down to the lab and I was in and out in about half an hour. The DXA machine, as Erin told me it would, sounded like an Atari. I actually fell asleep while I was lying on the table.

After the DXA, we went back to the GCRC (General Clinical Research Center?) for the Indirect Calorimetry test. This was to see how many calories I burn during a timed period of rest. So, basically, I was just lying motionless on a bed. I didn't have this photographed either, because eventually you'll get plenty of pictures of me lying in bed.

Then a physical with Dr. Lacata, and then the Cycle Ergometry. This was pretty much the same as last Friday's Bruce Treadmill Stress Test, but it was on a bike. I tired out much more quickly on the bike than on the treadmill, which was surprising, since I wasn't supporting my weight on the bike.

After lunch, we did the posture test. This involved me focusing on a certain point while standing on a force plate in the ground which measured my movements.

After that we practiced setting up for strength tests, but I'll post the pictures when we actually do those tests.

So, my homework before Friday is to make a list of goals I want to accomplish. Once I have that list completed, I'll post that here too. I have most of it figured out, but I want to make sure I can cram enough into these three months that I can stave off boredom as much as possible. I also have to fill out a food menu (foods I love, foods I like, foods I hate, etc.) and start filling out activity logs for Sara.

More soon...
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how long, how long til we reach the bottom of the lake

21 May 2006
ok, it's finally sunday, and i have been pushing myself so hard to be able to do everything for myself since i got home that i can barely move today. but, i'm going back out tonight to the expecting rain show at the beachland... la la la... gotta try to get dressed and not look like crap ^_^.... i really relaly overdid it and barely moved for most of today. ow.
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Screening Part 2: CONQUERED.

19 May 2006
Would it be strange to say that I had a good time today at the Clinic? I arrived at about 10:30am and by 11:00am I was weightless. Ricki said that all test subjects have to be suspended once during the screening process to ensure that they don't "freak out." Personally, I can't see how anyone could be the least bit uncomfortable. I can't recall a time when I felt more relaxed.

After that, Sara explained the proper procedure for wearing and removing the Pedar. This is a little computer a bit larger than a palm pilot that will monitor the pressure that I put on my feet for four days. With the data collected from those four days, Sara will be able to determine how much exercise I should do, should I be selected and assigned as an exerciser. The Pedar is small enough, but it's powered by a pack which contains 10 D-cell batteries. If you can remember the last time you used D-cells in anything, you might recall that they are not light.

Then I had lunch. Cobb salad.

After lunch, we went to the GCRC for the Treadmill Stress Test. I didn't ask exactly what was determined from this process, but one thing was painfully obvious: I am very pale. For a short while, it was thought that I might have to shave my chest so Melanie could put the EKG leads on me. But then, once my shirt was off, she said, "You're hairy in just the right places that I don't have to shave you." It was the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a while.

The treadmill test was made up of three-minute intervals, each with an increase in speed and incline. I don't really exercise much, so I was expecting 15 minutes on the treadmill to kill me. I did fairly well though, according to Melanie, and all that hurt afterward were my calf muscles.

Last on the list was a meeting with Dr. Muzita (sp?), the psychiatrist. He was a really nice guy, and brought up some points I hadn't thought of in my whole "mind-over-matter" approach to the study. Due to doctor-patient confidentiality I will refrain from listing them here, but I will say that I believe I am mentally prepared for this. Of course, I haven't laid down yet, but I like to think that I've considered everything. I'm sure there are countless things I haven't realized yet that I'll learn in the first couple of weeks in the study. Erin has gleefully accepted the position of "guru" for these matters. More testing on Tuesday... I'm honestly excited.
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graced with guts and gutted with grace

18 May 2006
oh yes, to daniel in connecticut:

i cannot thank you enough for the e.e. cummings book.
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there's no place like home

oops. forgot the CD of pictures and other files off the laptop at the clinic. oh well. i'll be back there tomorrow for rehab and a visit with george, who's going through more of the screening process.

the flickr account has been upgraded to pro, so all of my pictures are visible. i'll be handing off the passwords to these to george and becca too. (ps, becca, do you need a second invite? i was wondering if something got messed up the first time. let me know!)

i will also be buying a domain name, probably in the next week or so, but i'm not entirely sure about how to integrate a blogger site into a site, which hosts are good and which aren't. any recommendations on where to buy the name and where to host, please email me. also, does anyone know if it's possible to be hosting two different blogger blogs on the same domain? so we could have seperate blogs but as subdomains for the same place? ie, stardustholiday.com/erin or stardustholiday.com/george or whatever else. i think that would be pretty cool.

i'm finally home, kicking back and having a couple beers. it's been a long strange three months, but let me tell you: it's good to be home. it is damned good to be home.
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it's been a long couple of days.

ok, thursday now, i've had zero internet access and 500 million things (exaggeration) to take care of. exhausted? yes. happy? absolutely.

i have about 100 pictures (not an exaggeration) from the past few days, so when i get home (TONIGHT! I'M GOING HOME TONIGHT!!!) i'll start with photo posts and explaining what it is that i've been doing for three days.

ok, back to it! -whew-
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Books: Check 'em out!

16 May 2006
Erin's probably pretty busy right now, so I'll go ahead and point out that the Seed Magazine piece on the study is up.

I'm currently making a list of goals that I hope to accomplish, should I make it through screening and into bed. My plan is to give myself more goals than I can possibly knock out, even with three months of time on my hands. Hopefully this will keep time from dragging. Anyway, among those goals is to read 30 books. That's two and a half books a week. So, if any readers of this blog would be so kind as to recommend their favorite book to me, I could always use suggestions. Please e-mail them to me at gcviebranz@hotmail.com. Thanks!
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post bedrest day 2

yes! i'm still alive! standing up hurts like a bitch, but i love being semi-independent again. sorry for the short post, i just wanted to let everyone know that i'm doing well and i'll be back to blogging. i'm waiting for the hotel car right now to take me over for a full day of strength testing, MRIs and the works. but i'm doing alright, and i've got about 50 million pictures coming soon.

i made it!
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30 degrees

15 May 2006
  first sitting up in 12 weeks.... wow. i haven't "gone white" yet, so i'm doing alright. i feel a little shaky and really disoriented, but doing well so far.
 and this is how long my hair has gotten in three months. and yea i look crosseyed, we were having problems with the camera and i was focused on it for too long >_<

more pictures as the morning progresses, but i don't know if i'll be able to post them. it's going to get pretty crazy after 9ish. Posted by Picasa
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I'd like to walk around in your mind.

Went to the Cleveland Clinic again today. I went to see Erin in all her antsy glory, less than 24 hours to go. I can't speak for her, but the last three months have gone by pretty quickly for me. Then again, I've been out and about, working, playing Scrabble, watching Curb Your Enthusiasm DVDs and visiting the Wi-Fi spots of the greater Cleveland area. I'm hoping that my time in bed doesn't go by quite as fast, but doesn't drag either. There's a lot I want to accomplish and I don't want the time to get away from me.

On my way through the tunnel from the parking garage to the main hospital building, I saw an older woman walking slowly, flanked by what I could assume to be her children. She was crying, saying, "Help me, Lord Jesus!" It was really pretty jarring. Every time I've come into this hospital for study-related purposes, I've been kind of high on excitement. I'd always forgotten that this was a hospital, and that there were people in here that are in the middle of some pretty trying situations. Not that the NASA study isn't trying, but it's going to be a highly positive experience. Everyone involved stands to gain a lot on many levels.

Apparently there are volunteers at the Clinic whose main purpose is to keep the study participants company. I met one of them today, a really nice girl named Suzanne. We talked for a bit. Erin turned her into a knitter, and I'm going to turn her into a serious Scrabble player.

Although, I can't go talking like I'm already in, because I'm not... more screening on Friday, and still a ways to go after that...
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tickertape parade

14 May 2006
last. night. in. bed.

i won't be able to sleep, i know that much.

mike finished emptying out my room today, the walls are bare and depressing. my money tree is still here, the first plant that came into my room, and the last plant to leave. there are still odds and ends here and there, mike is coming back with the empty suitcase to pack up my clothes for my move to the hotel.

i am so ANXIOUS! argh!

i have a tickertape going through my head and all it says is "get out of bed" over and over and over.

so today was mother's day, and i bought my presents through holly (kiss kiss! thank you so much for the discount hookup) so those should be out shortly. and the hospital food service staff likes to do nice things on holidays, so there was a little basket of hershey's freaking kisses on my lunch tray. OMG EVIL EVIL EVIL! so tammy put them up on the ledge where my animal parade used to be and said "when you can reach them, you can have them".... fair enough. i really want to get up and grab them now, but i'm pretty sure i'd be a crumpled heap on the floor.

dr cavanagh was in on thursday with a present..... a box of malley's chocolates. i'm going to devour that in .... ok, i won't do it in one sitting. but wow, am i ever going to tear into that. no chocolate for three months. wow. but the reason he came in on thursday is because he was leaving for england later that day. he's giving a talk about diabetic foot issues on monday, err, tomorrow in london. so he won't be here, i'm disappointed, but i'll still be getting out of bed tomorrow!

george came in and we played quite possibly the geekiest game of scrabble EVER. we couldn't lay out a board without it being a bit of a hassle, so he brought his laptop, got onto the CCF public wireless network, and we played internet scrabble.

suzanne, who has been an inspiration to me during the later part of the study (and a fellow bedrester, although hers was mandatory) brought in a card and a scarf that she made herself. she taught herself how to crochet from one of those kits that a part of the proceeds go to breast cancer research and made me a pink scarf! amazing, considering that four weeks ago she was struggling like a madwoman with casting on her knitting.

i also taught the lab's summer student intern how to knit on thursday, hurrah! what's the count up to now?

i have a lot of thoughts and reflections on 12 weeks of bedrest, but right now, my brain is focused on one thing, and that is getting out of this bed tomorrow morning. i am so excited it hurts. philosophical reflections will have to wait for a couple days while i get over the insanity of getting out of bed and all of the post bedrest testing that needs to get done before i get my earth legs back.

ok, ok! i should be sleeping now. but wow, i'm too excited. valium has had zero effect. the tickertape of the unconscious is still going : i'm getting out of bed tomorrow, i'm getting out of bed tomorrow, i'm getting out of bed tomorrow.

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today is officially media insanity day.

12 May 2006
started off with "can you do a live phone interview tonight? it's for a canadian television station".... uh, sure.

the NASA interview was a lot of fun, Jan came down to my suspension (which i might mention is MY LAST ONE EVER) and interviewed me there, goofing off a little bit and having a good time. got a lot of pictures, hopefully some turn out :-D someone mentioned that the canadian TV station was actually canada's MTV. -boggles- cool!

when we got back to my room, my cell phone had voicemail and about five minutes into the rest of the interview, my phone was ringing again. MTV. asked them to call back, finished the interview with jan, checked messages and it was david, the reporter from seed magazine. called him back, and he wanted to talk to george and then mike too. so i put those phone calls in and got that set up, hope everything worked out with that. and as soon as i got off the phone with david, MTV called back about getting permission to use the flickr photos.

phew! SO MTV is calling me back right after my massage. insane.

massage time for me. head's going spinny on me.
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you can tell by my smile that i'm a child

11 May 2006
it was mail day today!

mystery box arrived during suspension today. didn't bother waiting for scissors, tore it open myself. -squeeeeeeee!-


devendra banhart - cripple crow (the one i didn't own! whooo! hasn't left my laptop disc drive yet. i am in LOVE.)
kurt vonnegut, jr - welcome to the monkey house. (certainly not to be confused with the AWFUL dandy warhols records that regrettably has the same name. what the hell happened to "dandy's rule, ok?" ugh!)

e.e. cummings. - complete poems 1904 -1962.

thank you daniel s. of CT!!!

my DVD of the CNN stuff also came in the mail, thanks kate!

now i have to figure out how to copy it so my mom can have a copy.

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from my head to my toes to my knees to my eyes, every time i watch the skies....

apparently a mystery box showed up at my apartment yesterday. mike thought it was so important that he called me in the middle of my massage to ask me if he could open it or not. he was so excited. such a little kid sometimes. -grin- i felt weird talking on the phone when i was getting a massage. very hollywood.

i told him no, i wanted to open it. i vaguely and halfassed-ly threatened him with mail tampering and hung up the phone. so he's bringing it out today. but he said it's HEAVY. like... his six year old went to pick it up to "help out" and couldn't. -bounce!- i can't wait to see what's in it.
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Greetings. My name is George. I'm 25 years old and from the greater Cleveland area. As a hopeful test subject, Erin has invited me to join this blog. I'm not very far into screening, but I already find myself with a lot to write about.

In early February, I was at an art gallery that a friend of mine owned. I was going to play music that night with another guy named Mike. Erin was there, and at that point we were distant acquaintances. "Your name is Erin, right?" I asked. Through a friendly "What's up?" I learned about the study she was about to go into. Something about getting paid to lay in bed. At first it sounded like one of those "SMOKE WEED - GET PAID" ads on the back page of Free Times, but I wanted to hear more about it. As she described the conditions and reasons for the study, it started to sound very strange. I thought to myself that Erin must be completely batty for even thinking of wanting to do this. But as I walked around for the rest of the night, and even when I was playing, I couldn't really stop thinking about it. I asked her more questions periodically through the remainder of the night, and it began to sound more and more like something I might want to do. By the time I started driving home, I was obsessed with it. Lying in bed for three months and getting paid. Three months of time to myself. Time to write, time to read, time to reflect.

I met with Erin again to talk more about it. She showed me the paperwork that went along with the study, and I gained a better understanding of the whole study. I began to weigh my reasons for wanting to do this. I called Ricki, the woman in charge of the study, and talked to her about becoming a test subject. I was still on the fence, and it was a high one. This would either be the opportunity of a lifetime, or it would be my entryway into insanity. One night, unable to fall asleep, throwing all of it around in my mind, I determined that I could not do this. There was no way. But even after making a decision, I couldn't forget about it.

Once Erin was in the Clinic, I decided to come visit, to see how she was dealing with everything, and to see how the study ran. I went with her to suspension and met some of the people attached. Everyone was courteous and kind beyond belief. These people were really passionate about what they were involved with. Standing there, watching Erin hang from those cords, I made up my mind: I was going to go for it.

So now, weeks later, I am in the midst of the screening process. My fingers are constantly crossed, but I'm also trying not to get my hopes up. I think about this a lot, maybe more than I should. So hopefully, I will someday be updating this blog from my back. But there's a lot to come between now and then.
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don't you miss it, don't you miss it at all?

10 May 2006
i'm sorry there haven't been a whole lot of posts lately. i'm very anxious to get out of bed though! the muscle biopsy did go a lot better, which i was really happy about. after three days i'm almost completely back to normal.

i've also been really busy kicking a personal community into high gear. they have an event coming up and have been hemming and hawing about EVERYTHING. i finally got frustrated and said something. hoping something helps.

i'm also thinking of buying a flickr pro account, because i didn't realize only 200 pictures would be shown. i have WAY more than 200 pictures. gah.

also: started making origami fish for a litle project of mine. fun. ^_^

i can hear and smell the rain, and oh god i miss spring. i can't wait to get out of here!! seriously. i'm done.

ps: yes, i am screwing with the template again. bear with me.
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i don't usually do this

in fact, i've never done this. but i think this is unfortunately, an accurate picture of our president. i think everyone should watch this and realize that he's a puppet, and doesn't actually know anything about running a country.

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if this war's ever over, if it ever runs out, maybe then we could think about travel

09 May 2006
a lot of people have asked about the biopsy, and it went much better than the first time. an extra (deeper) shot of lidocaine did the trick. i'm doing a lot better, i can already bend my knee up to my chest, so i'm set and ready to go.

but, due to a little computer mixup, i'm on cloud nine and kindof passing out. so that's all for today.

i guess i was on the news tonight? i didn't watch cuz i wasn't really paying attention. i don't even know when the news AIRS anymore. don't care.
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light me with your candle and watch the flames grow high

08 May 2006
 Keith's screen grab of the CNN feature on friday...

 ...and put on the HUGE screen at the International Space Developers Conference. Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye the Science Guy were key speakers. How cool is that?

Keith also sent me audio of the mention I got at the conference. I'm going to try to edit that down tonight or tomorrow and save it as a smaller format and try to post it here.

and as I told him tonight:

...it feels wonderful to get recognition for something that started out as "hey, I think I might want to do this study" and then devoted ... well, my entire life to this for three months. Most of all, I hope this gets more volunteers to sign up for the study.

I'm done fighting with the template. I'll do more tomorrow, if I'm not totally swamped on the interview front. Tomorrow is Fox8 and .... Seed MagazinePosted by Picasa
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who knows? explain.

working on this new one from francey.org. and yes, this time i'll check it in IE. (YUCK. get firefox already.)
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little yellow spider walking in the snow


i didn't realize a subscription would be required to see the financial times article. ugh. i can't even read the rest of the article myself.

other media updates (hold on tight, here it comes):

->CNN will be back next week, they'll be taping me getting out of bed, and then another live interview wednesday or thursday.
->Daily Mail (UK) wants to use me as an example for a piece "about unusual experiences that people have endured in the name of medical science." far out. -grin-
->seed magazine wants to do an interview with me tomorrow. (online sci-tech magazine. i looked around, pretty sweet stuff)
->and something about fox8 news being here tomorrow. -shrug- eh? natalie asked about it today and i was like, sure, i'm game.

phew. this is my last week in bed and it is going to be BUSY.


to fix the IE issues with CSS (-grumble- haven't you gotten firefox yet?) I'm going to be reverting to a blogger template until I can figure out the problem. bleh.
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evil elvis, good afternoon

bleh... in about an hour and a half i have the second muscle biopsy for the study. ugh, yuck. i hurt just thinking about it. it's quite possibly the worst pain i've ever been in. EVER. and i'm putting myself through it again. they said i can refuse it right up until he actually puts the needle in. in the end, that would make the first biopsy completely pointless, and i would have put myself through all that pain for nothing. they have to compare before and after, right? with nothing to compare the first one two, the first one is completely worthless. so that's why i'm going to go through with it. better to feel it twice and there be a benefit for science than to feel it once for no reason at all.

ok, to make myself feel better, a little devendra banhart

Well the end of May
The middle of June
They'll be coming home

Soon is good
But sooner is best

Surgery I stole from you
Surgery you stole from me
Have believe in apathy
Orange tree could be all a dream
All that I have seen of him
His money is such a lucky sin
Your eyes see sweet but your mouth tastes tin
The toothbrush is black
That's the place where you're at
And a snake holds the knife
And a snake holds a knife
All I see brings you close to me
All I do brings me close to you
Summer snake dance for dance's sake
Into faraway, into faraway, faraway
Into faraway

did i mention i was in love?

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CNN video

07 May 2006
almost forgot! friday night i was the number one most watched free video on CNN.com! the video's still there, if you find the section on science/technology videos. -grin- Posted by Picasa
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and i saw for myself, he's a gentle soul

 jay's making art noises on the vinyl chair.
 when in doubt, go for fart jokes. they'll never fail.

 craig and nick
 and this is hilarious. carrie was scratching jay's head, and i mentioned that my nails had gotten super long since coming in here (i'm not out smashing them into things and breaking them, so they finally get a chance to grow out) so carrie handed head scratching over to me. and then craig got into it. and for about five minutes, they both were half passed out. i should start charging. really Posted by Picasa
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saturday afternoon

 craig (L) and jay. fuzzy picture.

 craig and jay again. happened to catch a really random clear picture of jay making kissy faces at craig. not sure what that was about.

 nick wanted his picture taken while he was picking his ear. not sure why.

 for some reason i could not get a clear shot of carrie. sorry!

lisa was in here too, but i forgot to take pictures. she brought some lovely flowers, and now my camera batteries are dead and i -can't- take pictures! boo. they're beautiful and smell really nice too. Posted by Picasa
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tulip power?

06 May 2006
i'm not sure how this ended up the number one google image hit for "tulip" but .... wow.

lots of pictures from today, but they'll have to wait til tomorrow. i'm working on album art again. -grin-
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stop me if you think that you've heard this one before

the Financial Times piece is up! this is a quick snippet, the rest is at the link above!

Flat out at work
By Erin Peterson and Catherine Neilan
Published: May 5 2006 17:29

I was online, looking for a new job, and came across a link saying “Get paid to stay in bed!” I didn’t think it was for real, but it was: a Nasa-sponsored bed-rest study into what happens to bone density and muscles during long periods of weightlessness. It’s really expensive to send people into space, but lying in bed with my head slightly lower than my body simulates microgravity, so space researchers can see - in a Cleveland, Ohio, hospital room - how my body adapts.

/edit: i didn't realize a subscription was required. ugh. i can't even read the rest of the article myself.
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i can't tell what kind of life i've lived today

05 May 2006
PS: saving all deserts for the end of the day ROCKS, thankyouverymuch. any day ending with cheesecake and ice cream is a good day, indeed.
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born in a bottle rocket

and, for once, she thought i was getting a picture of her sticking her tongue out, and i got a normal picture. thanks for taking pictures, sara! -grin- Posted by Picasa
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surfing on a rocket

 looked like this....
 but it felt like THIS.

 looked like this...
 and felt like THIS. eeeeeeeeeeesh. the whole thing was a quick, five minute BLUR. i was happy to get it done, and had a huge adrenaline rush during it. fun. Posted by Picasa
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it could have been a brilliant career

 i handed my camera over to sara and said please please please take pictures. pleeeeeeeeeease
 you can't tell... but i was freaking out. big time. (or maybe you can tell)
 i was looking at the cables and stuff above my head, trying to relax... and the entire setup was VIBRATING. it pulsed every time my heart did. that didn't help matters much.
 by the end of the interview, i was pretty comfortable with the fact that everyhting i said was going out onto live national television. phew. i don't think there's really much of a delay, just me choosing my words carefully. Posted by Picasa
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dreadful sorry, clementine

 on my ride over there, i saw the huge satellite truck. sweet! so i took a picture... and the guy guarding the truck was watching me. just looking up and watching me. shaking his head "no".... i thought i was going to get booked on suspicion of terrorism, with the look that guy gave me. i tried to point and say "it's for ME though!" -laughs- Posted by Picasa
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oh the irony

 so, i had TV issues in here today. they tried everything. i guess that when the repair people came in to fix my call button, not only did they disconnect my light switches (from my bed) and tv controls and stuff, but the speakers built into my bed! agh! so ly came in this morning to turn on the TV... she could turn it on on the actual TV, but i couldn't get any sound. figures. the one time i turn on my TV in three months, and it doesn't work.

so kay came in with a TV from their conference room... and couldn't get the cables hooked up. ok, now what? they put me on a cart and rolled me into another room so i could watch it.

did i mention this was all before 8am? no? i didn't? well, it was really REALLY early for me. Posted by Picasa
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they don't even know that we're moving on

 pictures of my little jungle.
 i have more plants in this little room than we have in our entire apartment!
  and the underside of this one plant, because that's about the only part of it i really see -grin- Posted by Picasa
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you with nothing to say, you in your autumn sweater

 my usual "laying around" position. helps with backaches and is fairly comfortable
 mike was pretty surprised there weren't any pictures of this yet.
 and mike, doubly back lit. lamplight on one side, daylight on the other. Posted by Picasa
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oops! sorry! get mozilla and this will look great

so. sara FINALLY mentions to me this morning that my blog looks like CRAP in internet explorer. so! i'm going to recommend that everyone gets mozilla, because it looks infinitely better in mozilla. internet explorer has AWFUL CSS support.

Upgrade to Firefox 1.5!
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what, me freak out? never!

ack! video's playing at 745, interview at 920.

gah. i really want to kick the bed. i guess when they were fixing my call light they not only disconnected all of my light switches from my bed, they also disconnected any and all TV controls, AND the speakers. so someone could turn it on just fine, i just can't hear anything from my bed. suppose i should have looked into it last night or something. oh the IRONY. the one time i want to watch TV, and i can't.

it looks like ly is finding me a cart so she can wheel me into another room to watch TV (for once)...

i keep seeing random snippets of myself on TV... EEK. -grin-

ok, leaving now....... squeeeeee!

ok, NOT leaving now. we're having issues finding a TV with both sound and CNN.....

argh. -waits impatiently-
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oh thunderbird, all yellow

04 May 2006
here's hoping the ambien works. and that my headache goes away. and that i drink more water. and that mike doesn't mind that i'm falling completely in love with devendra banhart. it's really the only thing i've wanted to listen to all day long.

here's to big days and the little ones in between. late night hair washes and small panics. random love songs and talks of smoothies.

note to self: finish thoughts before publishing entries! silly girl.

i'm still waiting for the ambien to kick in. it's taking longer than expected. more photos from today, they'll have to wait til tomorrow. i'm too lazy to take them off my camera tonight.

love love love and wish me luck tomorrow.
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summer days will come, happiness will be mine

 mike and leia and my eye. -grin-
 leia and mike.
 leia's turquoise boots
  and mike mysteriously shaves off 20 years. hello, 16? -grin- Posted by Picasa
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