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16 May 2006
Erin's probably pretty busy right now, so I'll go ahead and point out that the Seed Magazine piece on the study is up.

I'm currently making a list of goals that I hope to accomplish, should I make it through screening and into bed. My plan is to give myself more goals than I can possibly knock out, even with three months of time on my hands. Hopefully this will keep time from dragging. Anyway, among those goals is to read 30 books. That's two and a half books a week. So, if any readers of this blog would be so kind as to recommend their favorite book to me, I could always use suggestions. Please e-mail them to me at gcviebranz@hotmail.com. Thanks!
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  • Too great books are Reading Lolita in Tehran and Generation Kill

    By Blogger bumpkinboho, at 19:08  
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