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11 May 2006
Greetings. My name is George. I'm 25 years old and from the greater Cleveland area. As a hopeful test subject, Erin has invited me to join this blog. I'm not very far into screening, but I already find myself with a lot to write about.

In early February, I was at an art gallery that a friend of mine owned. I was going to play music that night with another guy named Mike. Erin was there, and at that point we were distant acquaintances. "Your name is Erin, right?" I asked. Through a friendly "What's up?" I learned about the study she was about to go into. Something about getting paid to lay in bed. At first it sounded like one of those "SMOKE WEED - GET PAID" ads on the back page of Free Times, but I wanted to hear more about it. As she described the conditions and reasons for the study, it started to sound very strange. I thought to myself that Erin must be completely batty for even thinking of wanting to do this. But as I walked around for the rest of the night, and even when I was playing, I couldn't really stop thinking about it. I asked her more questions periodically through the remainder of the night, and it began to sound more and more like something I might want to do. By the time I started driving home, I was obsessed with it. Lying in bed for three months and getting paid. Three months of time to myself. Time to write, time to read, time to reflect.

I met with Erin again to talk more about it. She showed me the paperwork that went along with the study, and I gained a better understanding of the whole study. I began to weigh my reasons for wanting to do this. I called Ricki, the woman in charge of the study, and talked to her about becoming a test subject. I was still on the fence, and it was a high one. This would either be the opportunity of a lifetime, or it would be my entryway into insanity. One night, unable to fall asleep, throwing all of it around in my mind, I determined that I could not do this. There was no way. But even after making a decision, I couldn't forget about it.

Once Erin was in the Clinic, I decided to come visit, to see how she was dealing with everything, and to see how the study ran. I went with her to suspension and met some of the people attached. Everyone was courteous and kind beyond belief. These people were really passionate about what they were involved with. Standing there, watching Erin hang from those cords, I made up my mind: I was going to go for it.

So now, weeks later, I am in the midst of the screening process. My fingers are constantly crossed, but I'm also trying not to get my hopes up. I think about this a lot, maybe more than I should. So hopefully, I will someday be updating this blog from my back. But there's a lot to come between now and then.
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