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15 May 2006
Went to the Cleveland Clinic again today. I went to see Erin in all her antsy glory, less than 24 hours to go. I can't speak for her, but the last three months have gone by pretty quickly for me. Then again, I've been out and about, working, playing Scrabble, watching Curb Your Enthusiasm DVDs and visiting the Wi-Fi spots of the greater Cleveland area. I'm hoping that my time in bed doesn't go by quite as fast, but doesn't drag either. There's a lot I want to accomplish and I don't want the time to get away from me.

On my way through the tunnel from the parking garage to the main hospital building, I saw an older woman walking slowly, flanked by what I could assume to be her children. She was crying, saying, "Help me, Lord Jesus!" It was really pretty jarring. Every time I've come into this hospital for study-related purposes, I've been kind of high on excitement. I'd always forgotten that this was a hospital, and that there were people in here that are in the middle of some pretty trying situations. Not that the NASA study isn't trying, but it's going to be a highly positive experience. Everyone involved stands to gain a lot on many levels.

Apparently there are volunteers at the Clinic whose main purpose is to keep the study participants company. I met one of them today, a really nice girl named Suzanne. We talked for a bit. Erin turned her into a knitter, and I'm going to turn her into a serious Scrabble player.

Although, I can't go talking like I'm already in, because I'm not... more screening on Friday, and still a ways to go after that...
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