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It's Official: I'm going to bed.

23 May 2006
So today during my Strength Test Set-up, the news arrived via Ricki: My DXA scan was good (my bone density is normal) and I am officially through screening. So I can officially start planning to spend 12 weeks in bed. I'm pretty excited.

Today I arrived for my DXA scan at about 9:20. Julia and Tessa took me down to the lab and I was in and out in about half an hour. The DXA machine, as Erin told me it would, sounded like an Atari. I actually fell asleep while I was lying on the table.

After the DXA, we went back to the GCRC (General Clinical Research Center?) for the Indirect Calorimetry test. This was to see how many calories I burn during a timed period of rest. So, basically, I was just lying motionless on a bed. I didn't have this photographed either, because eventually you'll get plenty of pictures of me lying in bed.

Then a physical with Dr. Lacata, and then the Cycle Ergometry. This was pretty much the same as last Friday's Bruce Treadmill Stress Test, but it was on a bike. I tired out much more quickly on the bike than on the treadmill, which was surprising, since I wasn't supporting my weight on the bike.

After lunch, we did the posture test. This involved me focusing on a certain point while standing on a force plate in the ground which measured my movements.

After that we practiced setting up for strength tests, but I'll post the pictures when we actually do those tests.

So, my homework before Friday is to make a list of goals I want to accomplish. Once I have that list completed, I'll post that here too. I have most of it figured out, but I want to make sure I can cram enough into these three months that I can stave off boredom as much as possible. I also have to fill out a food menu (foods I love, foods I like, foods I hate, etc.) and start filling out activity logs for Sara.

More soon...
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  • You know your going to have to learn to knit ;)

    By Blogger Kat, at 08:33  
  • Your photoshopped photo has to be the funniest thing I have seen all day. Thanks for the laugh.

    By Anonymous KD, at 12:49  
  • holy shit dude, that first picture cracked me up. congratulations! :-D

    By Blogger Erin, at 16:33  
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