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29 June 2006
Usually, the first thing someone asks me when I tell them about this study I'm doing is, "What are they studying?" And I tell them. The second questions is almost always, "How do you go to the bathroom." And I tell them. The third question I won't mention, but it's usually asked by my male friends, and the answer is "probably not." Once it comes out that I won't be leaving the bed for 21-23 hours a day, they tell me that I'm crazy. It doesn't fail. Everybody tells me that I'm crazy for wanting to do this, and I think they're closed-minded for calling me crazy. There's really nothing special about me that enables me to believe I have all the will-power and stamina that this study will require. It's definitely going to be a challenge. But that's what's attractive to me about the whole thing. I'm going to learn things about myself that I might not be able to learn "in real life." Maybe it will take artificial circumstances to teach me something new. It's going to be a great experience that many people will never get, to take three months out of my life to get to know myself away from everything I normally do.

I have been trying to justify my choice to these people who think I'm crazy, but now it's getting exhausting. I'm too excited and too prepared to let that stuff into my mind.
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  • George -- what's the countdown status? I was promised, following my knitting success (sort of success, as I look at the pile of knots on my counter which once had the ambition of becoming a hat) that I might be able to engage my sluggish brain in scrabble wordplay!

    Awaiting the call to word construction arms from Volunteer Services... :)

    By Anonymous Suzanne, at 13:26  
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