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25 June 2006
I was messing around with the blog, trying to find a way to make our names bigger at the end of each post so readers can tell who posted what, I came upon a bunch of comments that had been made by readers. I wasn't aware that I had to approve comments before they could be viewed on the blog, so apologies to those who commented and have not yet seen their comment posted.
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  • oh man, i can't believe that. for some reason i stopped getting the notification emails, and i just thought there wasn't anything coming in. weird.

    By Blogger Erin, at 19:43  
  • Don't know if it is possible but it would be nice in the future when you are all posting more if there was a way to have it separate out your posts (sort of like how the archives will separate out all the May posts but just have it separate out all the George posts). Although with the larger names at the end of the post that would make it just as easy to scroll through and know who is talking.

    By Anonymous KD, at 10:36  
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