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Bedrest Study FAQ

01 July 2006
What is this study studying?
This study is to gain a better understanding of bone and muscle loss during periods of inactivity.

How many participants are there/will there be?
This study will have 24 participants total. There will be 2 subjects at a time for 12 sessions.

What kind of food do you eat in there?
We will be eating "real" (i.e. non-hospital) food. The participants are asked to fill out a food questionnaire, denoting their likes and dislikes. That info is given to the dietary staff, and ten different meals are created. Meals repeat every ten days.

Are you getting paid?
Yes. We are not permitted to disclose the exact amount, but we find it fair.

Can you get out of bed?
Not really. We leave our bed every weekday to go to the lab, where we are suspended. The subjects who exercise are gone for a couple of hours, and those who don't exercise are gone for about an hour. We are horizontal for the entire time we are out of bed. Other than that, we are in our bed for 22-23 hours a day.

So you're horizontal the whole time?
Not really. We are in head-down position, which means that our heads are six degrees below our feet. This is the closest simulation for microgravity that can be attained on earth.
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