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chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden

Day 1: In the beginning...

31 July 2006
This is my first official post from in bed. It's final now, it's irreversible, it's real. My head is six degrees lower than my body, and I will not be upright until October 23rd. Maybe it should sound ominous, but the first hour in bed has flown by, and I'm still pretty psyched about this whole thing.

This morning I woke up at about 6:45, and my dad and brother said goodbye, as they were both headed to work. I gathered some loose ends and I was ready to go when my sister picked me up. I said goodbye to Mom and we were off. I thought I might be quiet and pensive on the way to the clinic, but Holly made me feel pretty comfortable and at a few points I forgot where we were actually going. I'd have to say that the peak of my nervousness thus far was standing around in Lerner, waiting to take the rest of my belongings up to the room. Once I got up here and started putting stuff away, I got comfortable. Eleven O'Clock rolled around, and we snapped one last picture of us, upright for the last time until the end of October. I got into bed without making too big a deal of it for myself. You can't prepare enough, so you might as well just get in and wait for it to hit, which it definitely hasn't yet.

Right now the overwhelming feeling is hunger. We were told not to eat this morning before we came, so when lunch comes in a few minutes it will taste wonderful.

From here on out, updates will be plentiful and a little more substantial.
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  • that food won't taste wonderful for long, dude...


    you'll start tasting the microwave, eventually.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:23  
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