stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden

Day negative six

25 July 2006
Strangely enough, despite a trip to the clinic yesterday for bloodwork and other reasons, I find myself forgetting that I'm lying down on Monday. This study has taken up roughly 70-75% of my brain since January when I first heard about it, and over the past few days I have caught myself thinking, "Oh yeah, that starts Monday." I am mostly excited, but also a little nervous. It's on par with an interview for a job I really want. But, as I have said before, everyone I have met that is connected with this study is beyond nice, beyond accomodating. Call me naive, but it seems like it could be smooth sailing for the most part. I'll deal with the hard parts when they come.

I am "moving in" to my room tomorrow. So far I just have a box of books and a box of other assorted items I don't think I could live without for three months. I haven't really even thought about how I'm going to decorate my room. I was joking around with a couple of the interns a little bit ago about how I wanted to have a beach theme. I wanted to cover the floor in sand and have a bunch of inflatable palm trees in the room, always playing reggae music and wearing Hawaiian shirts... of course I don't think that's reasonable. I was impressed with the way Erin made her room look so homey and comfortable, so I might try to go that route too. Non-flourescent lamplight is a definite.

Having trouble ending this one... so I'll just say that I'm going to pack this week and weekend with fun and activity, and make sure I lie down on Monday in a good mood.
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