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In ev'ry job that must be done There is an element of fun?

12 July 2006
As much as I may complain about my job, it does have its good points. Today, however I quit. More specific, I gave my notice. To my surprise to went quite well. As a matter a fact, I may be even be able to come back post study. There are a few small details that will have to ironed out when the time comes, but there is a good chance I won't have any problem. This is a huge weight off my shoulders. As optimistic as I may be in most situations, there are a handful where not only do I think the worse, I have nightmares about the impossible. This, for example, had me thinking that I would tell my boss I was leaving and I'd be fired on the spot. Then, with no last paycheck to cover incidentals and bills while I'm gone, I'd have to quit the study and get a temp job or work in fast food. Needless to say, that didn't happen and I really had nothing to worry about. Silly Becca.

Now, I don't have a 100% guarantee I can go back, but I feel less worried about leaving the study with no income to go back to.

Oh, Megan, any books you have that I may borrow, would be great, thanks. I'll be at the meeting Tuesday if you want to bring them by. :)
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