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02 August 2006
I woke up a few minutes before my wake up call. Again. Groggy and very sleepy still I had a few wet and soapy wash cloths brought to me that allowed me to wash my face and give me a quick pick me up.

At this time, I am still adjusting to everything really well. So well in fact, I'm not getting my hopes up. Sooner or later my body is going to have to realize what I'm doing to it and that I'm not going to stop doing it for very a long time. Then, I have a feeling, the revenge will come. Other then a back ache, for which I have a heating pad to help elevate, and some slight stuffiness, I'm doing swell.

The biggest complaint I have is the food. It isn't the best, but it isn't bad, I've had worse. Also, its hard to eat when people keep bothering you. We've all eaten with other people before, but this is very different. Putting cream cheese on a bagel is an effort, and not very pretty. I have to pay attention to how I am laying down, and make sure I'm not to high as to break protocol, but not so low its not possible to eat. I only have full use of one arm and about 50% use of the other. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the visitors, they are all coming for my benefit and comfort, but I just want a chance to start and stop my meal when I want.

ZLS today was a bit harder, I was pulling into the treadmill at 75% of my body weight verses yesterdays 50%. In the middle of the regiment Twa came by, and that just made my day. After my walk/run she met me back in the room, helped with a bath, and we had a chance to talk.
Then was the massage. The most amazing thing ever.

Breakfast: Orange, cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. Milk and cranberry juice.

Lunch: Carrots/cucumber with ranch dressing, chicken with rice, another lean cuisine.

Dinner: Fried fish, a little bigger a deck of cards, 6, count en 6, tater tots, milk, and Cole slaw, with cherry crumb cake.
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  • Hey, Kelly here - It was great to meet you today, Rebecca! We at NASA are so grateful for your dedication to science. I hope your good acclimation continues. Thanks for talking with us and sharing your experience so far!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16:33  
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