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Any dream will do

23 August 2006
Last night I had an interesting dream. I was out of the hospital, but still in the study and still on a strict diet. How that came to be, I don't know. Anyway, I was at university but the had one of those office setting coffee pots where everyone wants a cup can have one. Unlike traditional office coffee, this was a very high quality brew, with several different kinds of sugar and sugar like substitutes, and a milk selection that is comparable to Starbucks. Then there was a large selection of Torani, cookies, chocolate, and other assorted snacks. Nothing compared to the 20 year old powered coffee most schools and hospital waiting rooms have.

The chocolate was on the snack side, but I dropped a few small pieces in my drink and then added a little extra 2% milk before running off to class. Strange though, the building was just like the largest building that was actually on the campus I attended, except there were lockers and a bell.

I go to my locker, just a few down from the door to my next class, when the bell rings. Crap, I thought, this professor hates it when people are late. I end up grabbing nothing because I can't find the notebook I bought for this class.

I run into the classroom and no one notices that I'm late so I go to my desk/computer to find someone is already sitting there. That is when it hits me, I've had a dream like this before, and the teacher gave everyone assigned seats. I approach the person as the lesson is starting but end up sitting in a seat near it to find my notebook. This is when I turn on my computer, it sill works in DOS, and take my first sip of coffee. It was so good I could taste it, and it was good. It wasn't until the cup was gone did I start to freak out. I just drank chocolate. I can't have chocolate in the study. Never mind I also can't walk, drink coffee, or leave the Clinic in the study, none of that mattered in this dream, the big issue was that I had the chocolate.

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  • You can't have chocolate?? I don't know if I could make it...I think I'd need at least a little peice every now and then...you poor girl!

    By Blogger Cindy, at 10:40  
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