stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden

Day 2

01 August 2006
My first night in the clinic went well considering. The bed isn't the most comfortable, my body isn't used to the angle, and it is far more narrow then the bed I've slept in for a while. I woke up several times in the night, my body almost falling off the bed, but once I repositioned myself sleep came easy. Tonight they are going to place the bars on either side, almost like the ones you have on the top of a bunk bed, to help.
So far, things are going just as expected. I'm a little stuffy, craving junk food, my body is slipping down the bed all the time. This morning I awoke with my pillow nearly off the bed.
Working out on the ZLS today for time first time since going to bed, wasn't that bad. I'm surprised at how much more I liked the jogging workouts verses walking and hope my enthusiasms doesn't die when the exercises get longer and more vigorous. I've never been a runner. In school I was always the first to start walking during the 1 mile run. I was also the first to give up on sit ups and push ups. Don't even ask about the pull ups. I can still remember just hanging there, with the entire class looking on, pulling and pulling as hard as I could to no avail. I would simply hang. I can still remember my tiniest girl in the class would get on there and just fly. She could do far more then any one in the class. And it was great too, because she was so modest about the whole thing. She was modest about everything though. In middle school she took math and science at the high school, was in band, got big roles in the school play. She was even in Les Miserables in The Netherlands, where she lived before coming to Michigan. She was proud about all of her accomplishments, who wouldn't be, but didn't feel the need to make a big deal about any of them.

Over all though I'm doing well. My head is stuffy, but I'm getting very used to the angle and once my entire body gets familiar with this feeling everything should zero out.

Four waffles, the small toaster kind you can pick up in the frozen food section of Giant Eagle, a small pad of butter, fruit yogurt, 2 % milk, a small cup of apple juice, it almost looked like a tiny bowl you get when you go out to eat and ask for something extra "on the side". Oh, and Purple grapes. There were so many people in and out of my room though it was hard to enjoy any of it. Everyone said they don't mind if I eat with them in the room, but doing so was hard as single one of them needed to speak with me about one thing or another. It is hard enough having to eat on my side, answering questions about my mental health and well being while doing so is even harder.

Tuna salad, 5 crackers, they were somewhat Ritz looking, but without the buttery taste people like so much , raw carrots, spinach raw, stemmed broccoli, fruit cup, and crystal light. The raw veggies were also served with a great asian sesame dressing. This too was hard to enjoy. The transport team came a few minutes in to take me to the other end of the hospital for the ZLS. They just kinda stood outside in the hall walking back and forth. I was told not to feel rushed, but in that kind of situation it is hard.

A few ounces of very dry and tasteless chicken, rice, mixed vegetables in a sweat and sour sauce, I think. There was also a fortune cookie and peanut butter on whole wheat. The spread come in one of those small one use dishes, and I was so hungry at the end of the meal I liked the inside of the package.
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