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21 August 2006
I'm still not being as productive as I could be, but I did finish the baby blanket I've been working on. A picture will be posted as soon as I can get one. I'm also started my second knitting project, a white sweater with purple skull and cross bones on either arm. Obviously, this is something I won't be able to wear to work when I get out of here, but it will be ready for chilly weekends.

I've been getting so caught up in knitting, personal issues, and the randomness of the internet among other things, that I have yet to read those first 200 pages of Great Expectations. I'm sure I'll get around to it sooner or later.

Today marks 3 weeks in bed, and while that is a lot, the end still seems to far away to start counting down the weeks/days left. I want to look at what I've done already, instead of looking months into the future at what's left. I'm not even really looking forward to my birthday in two weeks. If I just look at it as if it were any other day the lack of chocolate cake and great dinner may not seem as bad. Not to mention, I'm planning a great trip to L.A. in November that will more then make up for it.

As for more study specific issues, I'm still doing fairly well. I get sad every now and then though. I would love to pig out on pizza, chicken wings, and breadstix. I miss my bed, apartment, and walking. I miss Stitch and Bitch, shopping, and a bathroom and everything that comes with it.
I have dreams once in while where I'm walking, and I feel like I'm doing something I shouldn't, like I'm breaking a big rule or something. Physical, other then a bit of a back ache here and there and running related issue, I'm doing well.
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  • becca--
    don't worry about not starting great expectations yet because once you start, you won't be able to stop! it's one of my favorite reads and dickens' characters come to life. and once you've finished, if you can nab a copy of the BBC version of the book with ioan gruffud that aired maybe 5 years ago or so, the book will TRULY come to life.

    stay strong--and just keep setting those goals for yourself! once you've finished with great expectations, i strongly suggest reading steinbeck's 'the grapes of wrath' if you haven't done so already. it's a FABULOUS novel.

    hang in there--and i can't wait to see a picture of the blanket!

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