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Good morning starshine

03 August 2006
What? Again with the waking up before I have to with the sunrise and the dewdrops, and all the little bird-i's. Ok, so I can't hear birds from my room, but I couldn't think of anything else to put there. When I wrote it, Jackie Mason saying it came to mind. That, or the scientist from The Simpson's.

This morning; another visitor during breakfast, this time from behavioral health, checking up things to make sure all is well. She saw that I was knitting and is going to try to bring needles who's size is better suited for the project I'm working on. That is if I keep working on the project. I have 6 110 yard skiens of Alpaca with a Twist
, 4 red and 2 white. I want to make a baby blanket, but am open to other options or suggestions as there is no baby to speak of to whom I can bestow said blanket.

Before lunch more people came to say hello.
This time from NASA, both Cleveland and Huston. The same people also came to watch me jog/walk on the ZLS. They all thanked me, and I would assume George also, for doing this and explained how important our contribution is going to be for NASA and space travel as a whole. The entire meeting made me feel really important.

Running on the ZLS is hard, even walking can pose a challenge. I can't stress enough that it is nothing like a regular treadmill. Imagine yourself on a standard one at your local gym. Now picture yourself wearing full rockclimbing gear, in spandix, in a room full of onlookers, having little choice over what speed you are going to run and for how long. Now they aren't trying to kill me, if I really want to stop or make adjustment to the speed, it can be arranged.
See the picture? You are sweaty, the cuffs are chafing you everywhere because they are too tight or are falling to high or low because they are too loose, you can't see all of your surroundings because of the helmet you have on, someone else has to bring you water every time you need it. Not to hot, is it? There are 2 pulleys hooked up to each arm and leg tugging while you are trying to walk what used to be forward. Now, try to imagine yourself doing this wearing a rock filled backpack that weighs literally as much as you do. You can feel every lump and bump and know there is only so much that can be done to alleviate the strain. Now, what about doing it on your back, suspended in mid-air. Not to easy, is it?

My calves hurt like crazy and I keep sliding down the harness until it starts to poke and prod at my arm pits. So, after every walk/run, usually 3-5 minutes at various speeds, three people get to pull and push me upward a few inches. As hard as it may be though, I really push my limits with this. I tell myself; if I can walk 3 minutes without much problem, I can easily go 4. If 4 is only a little challenging, why not press onto to 5 before wanting to quit.

So far though everyone, myself included, is baffled at how well I'm adapting. I have a bit of guilt that George isn't doing as well as I. Things with me are far from perfect though. I still have some pains here and there, but am still able to function rather well considering. The biggest issue I'm having this week actually has nothing to do with the study and is to personal to tell the whole world.

Breakfast: One slice wheat bread, one hard boiled egg, milk, orange juice, butter, granola, blueberries, and vanilla yogurt.

Lunch: Apple sauce, broccoli, a lean cuisine, again, of fettuccini alfrado, fruit like water drink, and 2 pickles. Why pickles with pasta, I do not know. But they are one of my favorite foods, well condiment I guess, and a small comfort in such unique surroundings, so I quickly ate both.

Dinner: Chicken (dry again), mixed vegetables, a handful of peanuts, plain cheese cake, and sweet potatoes. The meals could be worse, but today's combination of foods is just odd. Peanuts?
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  • hey what the heck?

    By Blogger Erin, at 00:36  
  • Sorry the food sucks.. I agree pickles and pasta are strange.

    By Blogger Ebony Rose, at 08:00  
  • Hey, I'm looking *waves*

    By Anonymous Carol, at 11:18  
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