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Not so sweet sweater

24 August 2006
A few nights ago, just before I went to bed, I pulled out my sweater. Stitch by stitch, row by row it became nothing more then two large piles cream colored yarn. I was fooling myself really, there was no way I could have ever made it fit properly.

Running/walking on the ZLS is getting easier, almost too easy, and this isn't good, Unfortunately, unlike exercising "in the real world" where we can run farther and faster as we craft our skill, here, there is only so much we're allowed to do. Maybe in the end, post bedrest, its a good thing. The better I do here, the better I'll be running out there.

Friday was a great day. It was my favorite meals, egg sandwich, pizza, and compleate turkey dinner, I ran eight minutes straight on the ZLS, and I got Tic Tacs. That just made my day.

The rest of the weekend was so so, my sweater still isn't done and I'm getting angry at myself for not compleatly understanding the pattern.
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