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05 August 2006
I wanted to take a bath today, a simply request usually. Today, however, it turned into such an ordeal that once it actually started, I wanted it to end. To make a long story short, they couldn't get the bath inflated for a long time. On the upside though, I got a chance to shave and wash my hair, two things I needed to do badly.

I'm very glad that George is doing better and hope to have him kick my ass in Scrabble soon.

Breakfast: Scrabbled egg, pears, slice of cheese, and and english muffin. Everything excepet for the pears were turned into a sandwich.
Lunch: French bread cheese pizza, salad. The pizza, per usual, was a frozen dinner.
Dinner: Cauliflower in a cheese sauce, butter, roll, turkey, stuffing, gravey, and mashed potatoes. Normally a great meal, but this version was so-so at best.
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