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Strange as it seems...

12 August 2006
I've been kinds anti-blogger for the past few days, and for no real reason either. This past week went relatively fast and I found myself looking forward to the weekend where I'll be able to rest. Yes, rest. Strange as it may seem, same days are so busy, I don't get a lot of time to myself to blog. People are always in and out of the room, there is lots of food to be eaten, water to be drunk (3000 ml +), and, well, several bathrooms breaks due to the aforementioned water.

Going to the bathroom here is, well, an event that sometimes involves three different members of the medical staff. There is no way to really get into it with out loosing tact, so I'm going to skip the details.

When I do get free time, I wonder around online watching You Tube and various other things, reading, knitting, and watching TV. I just finishe a poorly written "chick-lit" book who's title I won't even bother to repeat. Next on my list, Great Expetations. I hope to have 200 pages read by Monday. Though, I've never read it, I already know the ending.

The meals here are more of less repeating at this time with just a few modifications here and there. I was really excited about today, bagel day. When I got it though, it was rock hard having been microwaved. So my breakfast consisted of raisins, an instant breakfast, an orange, and cranberry juice. More then enough to tide me over for 4 hours until lunch, but small food pleasure mean a lot to me, and the lack of bagel bumbed me out. Luckily, an extra was found.

P.S. Do you know that the word blogger on Blogger shows up as a spelling error on spell check? Same can be said for th word blog.
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  • Glad to hear from you again! Enjoy your book this weekend. :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:07  
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