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...Then comes Sunday morning

20 August 2006
Another lazy weekend. Even lazy for someone who lies in bed 22 hours of the day. Did some reading yesterday, and played a lot of Scrabble. I didn't realize it until now, but I've also been watching the news a lot more since I got here than I have in the past year or so. This John Mark Kaar guy will no doubt haunt my nightmares for days to come.

Visits this past week from some good friends kept me in high spirits. Not that I would have been low otherwise, but having people come visit helps me keep my eyes on the prize. I know I haven't been forgotten, which makes me comfortable enough to lie in bed for another 9 weeks. I know they'll be there when I get out.

Lately I've also been having strange food and drink cravings. There are a lot of foods I would normally eat that I can't have in here, and only over the past few days have I started thinking about them. I know my first meal when I get home will be Las Enchiladas Verdes from Cozumel, my favorite Mexican restaurant and one of my favorite restaurants overall. Another thing I've been wanting is a bloody mary. I'm not much of a drinker, and I only had my first bloody mary a few weeks before coming in here, but I would pay large sums to have one right now. It's not even the alcohol that I want, it's the strong taste and spiciness that I haven't found in any of the food I've been fed here.

I'm going to stop teasing myself now, and get back to my reading.
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