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23 August 2006
This sweater of mine is without a doubt going to be too big on me. Every time I start to freak out though,, I remind myself that the yarn I'm working with is 85% wool and I can felt (shrink) it. I'm just worried about over doing it and have it end up being to small. I just get mad at myself when I look at what I've done already and see how huge this thing is. I checked the gauge but thought it was going to be on the smaller side, so I went up a size. As things tend to go, I have a feeling my next project is going to be too small.
I know some of my posts have been boring and not all that study related, but I don't have that much study related information to update. I'm still doing well, but going to the bathroom still sucks, I want a home cooked meal, a pack of Tic Tacs, chocolate, and the ability to get up. When things get tough, I just have to tell myelf that this is something I wanted to do, I knew ahead of time that parts of this were going to be hard, I have to relax and let go and allow other people to take charge for a few months.
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