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03 September 2006
I was board this afternoon so I decided to look at the webpage of one of my former high schools, Pioneer in Ann Arbor, MI. I was a bit taken aback that my choir teacher and theater teacher were still there, but got over it quickly. Both programs were above average when I was a student back in the mid 90's, but have surpassed anything I could have ever expected from a public high school. The choir recently won a Grammy for being the 2006 National Signature School. The theatre department in recent years has performed large scale productions of; Tommy, The Elephant Man, Hair, Oedipus Rex, Beauty and the Beast, Les Miserables, and coming this year, High School Musical. I wouldn't be surprised if the rights alone to some of those productions surpass the entire theatre budget of most school. Not that this is a bad thing, its wonderful if students get the chance to work on a world class production like that. Check it out. If things are now like they were then, the students were in charge of just about everything from set design and building to lighting and costumes.
Things got weird though when I was looking at the production pictures for Hair when the song Age of Aquaious came on TV for non-Hair related reasons.

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