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Day 3?

05 September 2006
My birthday and went without incident on Sunday. The was no cake, though I did get a piece of apple pie, no presents, or song. It was, more or less, a day just like any other. There will be plenty of time for fun and food when I get out of here, but it seems odd that a day that often holds so much importance passed with little notice.
My TV viewing has also gone down. I was very good at limiting the amount I watched when I first got here, generally reading, knitting, and/or playing online until prime time TV came on. The I would watch two or three hours of reruns of sitcoms and dramas I'd not seen before. Somewhere around week three though, I realized how much time I was wasting online doing nothing of any importance, and I turned to the TV to make up for it. Bad idea. It soon became this endless cycle of two mindless time wasters, often steeling my time at the together.

I made a resolution this weekend to do a lot more reading and knitting, I have to make up for my mistakes of the past few weeks. There were so many things I wanted to do while taking part in this study, but don't have much to show for it yet. I've read one book and started and completed two knitting projects. The blanket I've talking about before and the sweater was finished last night just before bedtime. A belated birthday present to myself.

The ZLS is also going well, my personal record is 13 minutes of continuous running followed by break and then 7 additional running minutes and 4 minutes of a cool down walk of 2 decreasing speeds. To a lot of people, I know 13 minutes isn't a long run or a lot of physical activity for that matter, but to me, it is an accomplishment 27 years in the making. That 13 minutes will soon become 15, then 18, and 20. Before I know it, I'll be counting the miles instead of minutes as part of a new morning or afternoon run. I'll start with 2 miles and work my way up until I can push myself to run a 5K, just over 3 miles. This seems to be the most commonshort distance in the running world with respect to competitive races. I have no intention on becoming an elite runner, as I don't think I'll ever become skilled enough to be a viable candidate for a prize. Any race I hope to run is just for my personal glory. Maybe I'll start a collection of free t-shirts and water bottles.
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