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01 September 2006
On Friday, for the second time since getting here, I ran for 10 continuous minutes on the ZLS. Nearly a mile. The more I run on it, the more I become a fan of the sport. It can be hard at times, always sweaty, and there are moments I just want to stop and rest, but I push through all of it and make it to my personal goal. I try as hard as I can not to count the minutes or seconds when I'm up there, usually I'll recite the alphabet slowly to myself (forward and then back), I'll count the steps I take until I loose track of where I am and am forced to start the count over again. Today, of all things, I sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Even though it was all in my head, the beat and words became so clear and in sync with my pace, it seemed for a few brief moments that the entire room could here my song.

Even though it can be tiring and uncomfortable, the feeling I get when I finish a run that long, is awesome. It's just this euphoric sense of accomplishment and pride that makes me want to run for longer periods of time.

I should be done with the sweater tonight or sometime tomorrow. I'm excited to finish because it is my first sweater, and it means I can move onto the next project. A have some extra wool and hope to make a bag or purse.
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