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22 September 2006
I just noticed how long its been since I updated, wow. Things are still going well, we got some nifty NASA gifts and a few posters. One, in particular, is ubber cool, as it shows the official mission patch from every NASA space mission ever.
Earlier this week though, my ZLS running time was cut short. I'm allowed to run as much as the allotted 20 minutes as I can anymore. From now until the end of the study, I run for five minutes, rest for five, run for five, rest for five, and so on. I'm upset, but I'll get over it. We're still going to try to challenge me a little by increasing the running speed.
Other then that, things are going well still. Mind you I can't wait to be done, but for the time being things are just fine.
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  • crap, i wish i was getting better instead of worse. stupid lack of health insurance -grumbles- hope everything is going well. how long do you guys have left?

    By Blogger Erin, at 12:28  
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