stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden


27 October 2006
Well folks, I/we are home. I slept in my own bed last night, went to the pantry and grabbed a snack at 10:00 pm. Burshed my teeth in a sink, washed my hands in a sink, ordered food off a menu, and so on. Being "out" is great and life is just as it was when I left. Although we did change apartment while I was in bed. The new one is great, smaller then the one I left, but I like it a lot more.
I'm going to PT in an hour or so to get it out of the way for the day and who knows what will follow.
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Last day

22 October 2006
It is our last full day in bed. Would I do it again, yes. Would I do anything differently, without a doubt.
I'm glad I brought at much stuff with me as I did, even though I brought more then what I needed. Being as overly prepaired as I was allowed me to almost never need to look for something to do.

I had hoped to update this blog all day, but fell short sometime before noon.

Today has seemed like any other day really.

Tomorrow, I walk.
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21 October 2006
Two days left to go. Oh. My. Goodness.
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16 October 2006
A week from now, I will be upright. I can't wait.
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09 October 2006
I've started to drop a little bit of weight, on some days I'm down to 116 pounds. Normally this would be great, in bed, however its anything but. Our weight needs be consistent through out the study. I'm just getting rather tired of the food It is becoming harder to eat and I'm getting full faster. To help bring my weight back up, I've being given extra dessert. Today, for example, 3 large rice crispy treats. Yesterday, 2 pieces if pound cake. Also, today I got scrambled eggs, something that I wasn't expecting but was pleased with nonetheless. That is, at least, until I tried to eat it. The eggs were scrambled so hard I could cut them info perfect squares and stack them. Yes, I played with my food.
As of this writing there are; 13 days left. 9 runs, 6 massages, 1 more turkey dinner/pizza lunch day, 2 episodes of Lost, 2 weekends. And a partridge in a pear tree.
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Even closer

05 October 2006
We are getting even closer to the end of this experiment, on Monday there will be just two weeks left. I'm begining to wonder, down the road, how these past few months will affect my life. Am I going to be a different person because of it? How much understanding about the world or myself have I gained? When I am an old woman, how will I look back on this part of my life?
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03 October 2006
I guess it's been a little while. My absence is mostly due to the fact that there's really nothing new that I can think to write about. Obviously I'm glad we're almost done, and I'm very excited to return to my normal life. I've started really missing it, and while that should make these days harder, it's just making me look forward to it more and more. The next 19 days are nothing compared to the 65 that have already flown by.
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I want to be able to take a nap, or at the very least sleep in as late as my body will let me. The regiment of going to bed 11:00 and waking up at 7:00 every single day is starting to get to me. Each morning I feel just a little more tired then I did the day before. Never so tired I can't function, but tired enough to wish I could hit snooze once or five more times.
My goals are coming along, not as well as they could be, but I also had no idea how busy days would get while in here. I'd like to finish one or two more knitting projects, write a killer personal statement for grad school, and read read read.
I'm going to start sending most my stuff home soon, only keeping a few book, yarn, and clothing. I came into this worried there wouldn't be enough to do, as we near the end I worry how am I going to finish everything I want to do.
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