stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden

09 October 2006
I've started to drop a little bit of weight, on some days I'm down to 116 pounds. Normally this would be great, in bed, however its anything but. Our weight needs be consistent through out the study. I'm just getting rather tired of the food It is becoming harder to eat and I'm getting full faster. To help bring my weight back up, I've being given extra dessert. Today, for example, 3 large rice crispy treats. Yesterday, 2 pieces if pound cake. Also, today I got scrambled eggs, something that I wasn't expecting but was pleased with nonetheless. That is, at least, until I tried to eat it. The eggs were scrambled so hard I could cut them info perfect squares and stack them. Yes, I played with my food.
As of this writing there are; 13 days left. 9 runs, 6 massages, 1 more turkey dinner/pizza lunch day, 2 episodes of Lost, 2 weekends. And a partridge in a pear tree.
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