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future accomplishments

27 January 2006
they (the study coordinators) want me to go into this study with goals. things to accomplish while i'm laying in bed for twelve weeks. so here are my goals:

* knit or crochet blanket for project linus
* learn (at least) one new knitting/crochet technique a week
* work extensively on graphic design so i have a huge portfolio by the time i leave the clinic.
* master lucid dreaming
* read the teachings of buddha.
* try meditation every day.
* two words: rubik's cube.
* work on the "doodle tape" (a continuous design on cash register tape.) get at least a foot done every day. will be for use in posters and whatnot, mostly borders and pretty backgrounds.
* devise a plan for world dominationn,,,,,,,,, errr, financial independence.
* try my hand at fashion/jewelry design. employ my fabulously talented and mobile friends to create said designs. (and quietly make a fortune from my hospital bed. ^_^)
* learn how to use programs like fruity loops so i'm not completely unproductive in the musical aspect of my life.
* and, if they'll let me, i'll teach myself how to play guitar. but if i have a roommate, i'll probably skip this.

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