stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden

day four (seasickness and NASA folks)

23 February 2006
today has been pretty good so far, it's about 430 and i'm waiting for my friend jay to get here.
i slept better last night, mostly due to to the sleeping pill they gave me last night. where would we ever be without modern medicine? and more pill news: the pill they gave me for my stomach is starting to make this a little easier. whew. finally.

mike showed up early with a bouquet of daisies today, and they're beautiful. then he went to suspension lab with me and he was my entertainment while sara finished a harness for don.

i was kind of goofing off in the suspension, and all of a sudden, i was staring at the ceiling thinking i was going to be violently ill in my modified hockey helmet. gross. major case of random seasickness, and it didn't go away for almost an hour later.


jay just left, had a good solid half hour+ of his weirdness, which was nice. he's such a spaz. ^_^ mike is on his way back over at some point.


i'm being really lazy about hitting "publish" today.

so now it's about 845, i'm just hanging out, mike left a little while ago, and i've decided that i simply do not like the bathroom situation. by far the worst part of the study. it sucks having to call someone every time you have to go, and then call them again to have them take it away. wtf.

i had nasa visitors today, someone from johnson space center (JSC) in houston, and two from glenn, the research center here in cleveland. there were also two research.. funding.. something or others from the cleveland clinic. i didn't catch their actual job description, but i didn't want to not mention they were here. kathy from jsc said that if i was ever in houston, i could take a tour of their research facilities, check out the control room, all kinds of stuff. they're really excited that more people are taking part in the study, and they're all about giving me plenty of perks. you know, VIP treatment at JSC, hour long full body massages three times a week, stuff like that. oh, and i got a nifty little pin, too.

oi. promise: pictures coming soon, as soon as i stop being LAZY. lazy lazy lazy. but then again, i am just laying around in bed all day.

i get an hour every day to be gone from my room and that's to go to the lab. it's almost like prison, except i get hugs from my visitors and stuff. you know. ^_^

ok, it's not really like prison. i just can't (or rather, am chosing not to) go home.

-sigh- i really do miss mike though.he left like.... a half hour ago. what the hell?

chill time.
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