stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden

day three

22 February 2006
mike and holly both came around to hang out last night, which was nice. i'm still kind of grumpy because of my stomach, but hopefully i'll feel better soon. mike brought me another plant (a vine plant this time), and lab mike brought me a weird plant that you put a section in upside down, the leaves take root and then the stem starts growing upwards. SO weird, but i'm curious to see how it turns out.

i did not sleep well at all last night. crying, tossing and turning, the whole bit. blech. and by the time i woke up for the four millionth time, i was like "oh yeah, they ordered ambien [sleeping pill] for me, i should ask...." it was 3am and i was due to be up in three hours. not the best time to take a sleeping pill. but not being home is starting to affect me.

they ordered nexium for the two of us as well, we (the two test subjects) have both been having a hell of a time with the indigestion/acid reflux feeling. it's kind of helping, but they said it would be a couple days before it really kicked in. whatever, just so long as it does.


this entry has been up on my screen al day, and i've just been really lazy about finishing it.

i'm still in a haze from the hour long full body massage. WOW. awesome! i can't even begin to tell you great it is to get that on a regular basis. highlight of my day.

tonight i'm actually going to turn the tv on, pbs is doing a monty python marathon.

-nods off- it's been a long day.
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  • I never thought about the stomach issues. Blah. How is the food? What you've been able to eat of it at least.

    By Blogger Becca, at 21:42  
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