stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden

day two (complaining and readjustments abound!)

21 February 2006
ok, first off, not liking the bathroom situation here. and there's nothing tthat can really be done about it. and its embarrasing to have to call someone every time you have to pee. it really is.

second, my leg is bugging the fork out of me. ergh. tried heat for awhile, but then it just felt like a wet diaper after awhile. gross! and when i went to do my stretches, it just started hurting again. great. so the tylenol elixir (it sounds better than it is) didnt' really help, maybe tomorrow we'll be able to try something else.

bleh. shall i continue?

my stomach is pretty much upside down, (or at least sideways) it doesn't like it much, and it's letting me know. i don't feel like eating because of this either, because it's just going to make my stomach hurt more.

i'm supposed to be doing my stretches, and i can't get into them. don't know what it is. just like.... a general apathy has set in.laying in bed is lazy bum behavior.

ok, lab time. back later.
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