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hats and bedhead

27 February 2006
This is the longest I think I've ever seen your hair in the 8 years I've known you.

-- Jenn

yep, it will be shoulder length by the time i get out too. i think this is the longest i've had it since...grade school. early grade school at that.

and now i know why my mom cut it... it tangles. and tangles. without me even trying. i have the worst case of bed head. ever. (of course!)

hooray for hats! you should make me a hat. :D I'll return the favor with a necklace (I've gotten rather crafty with the hemp.)

-- Jenn

what color hat do you want? any particular style? gah! when are you due, anyway? i've got some yarn around here somewhere i could turn into a really cute baby hat. (uh oh, it's begun. making baby clothes. hehe)
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