stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden

ipod list as of 02/03/06

03 February 2006
acetone - i guess i would, york boulevard
air - moon safari
american analog set - know by heart
bauhaus - the sky's gone out
belle and sebastian - boy with the arab strap
black angels - some live radio stuff and one song off the EP
black keys - the big come up
black mountain - self titles
bloc party - silent alarm
brian jonestown massacre - give it back, methadrone, their satanic majesty's second request
bright eyes - lifted, i'm wide awake it's morning, every day and every night (?)
clap yr hands say yeah - self titled
the concretes - self titled
the cure - kiss me kiss me kiss me
dead can dance - into the labyrinth
death cab for cutie - the photo album, forbidden love EP
the dilletantes - raw demos
the dreadful yawns - self titled
bob dylan - blood on the tracks, bringing it all back home
frontier psychiatrists - unreleased!
henry james - he's yr new favorite. check him out like, yesterday.
iggy and the stooges - the stooges
iron and wine - the creek drank the cradle, our endless numbered days, the sea and the rhythm
joanna newsom - the milk-eyed mender
laurie anderson - big science
liars - drums not dead
love and rockets - earth sun moon
my bloody valentine - loveless
new order - power corruption and lies
nick drake - pink moon
the postal service - give up
serge gainsbourge - histoir de melodie nelson
the smiths - strangeways, meat is murder
spiritualized - ladies and gentlemen
stereolab - dots and loops
tom waits - rain dogs
townes van zandt - live at the old quarter
the volta sound - dandelion wine
the warlocks - phoenix album, first EP, rise and fall
the white stripes - get behind me satan
wilco - summerteeth, yankee hotel foxtrot, a ghost is born
yo la tengo - and then nothing

and much much more to come.
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