stardust holiday
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last day of freedom!

19 February 2006
last free day today, i'd have to say we made the most of it.

slept in late, huge breakfast (french toast, eggs, bacon, orange juice. yum) hung out for awhile, took my last standing up shower for three months, and went thrift shopping all afternoon for sweat pants and hoodies and things that i didn't have. i wear jeans ALL THE TIME and i was kind of surprised when i started packing last night......... i don't have sweatpants. at all. got a bunch of cool stuff, the kids got new toys, mike got a bunch of new button down shirts, and some stuff for the apartment.

he's going to be bringing me plants and a bunch of other things to keep my room feeling less like a hospital room and more like a cool place to hang out. hospitals kind of freak me out, which is why i'm amazed i've even made it this far in the study. i do not like hospitals!

mike took me out for sundaes at malley's. my mouth waters just THINKING about it. wow. i'd nevre been there before, and it was beeeeeeeeautiful.

we went down to henry james practice for a little bit, and then i came home and packed up a bunch of stuff. whew. it's almost 11, and it's time to get in bed and sleep next to mike for the last time in three months. (suck!!!)

jeez, what am i doing on the computer?

i check in tomorrow. eek!
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