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MRI-day (or, the morning from hell)

02 February 2006
right. the MRI and CAT scans were this morning. yuck.

the first scan took three times as long and screwed up the rest of the schedule for the day (well, at least the MRI tech's schedule. sorry!) something about the data wasn't collecting properly... something. so instead of the hour i was promised, i got THREE. in that loud, stupid machine.

i didn't know this but:

small spaces + loud noises + can't move at all = panic.

and i found out (afterwards) that they have a camera at the top of the tube they put you in, and the tech was watching me freak out in there! shit! totally embarrassing. and the other test subject was scheduled to get an MRI after me, and they had to cancel her appointment to try to catch up. and she's gotta go back sunday MORNING to get hers done.

not my fault, i'm just supposed to lay there.

and the worst part is, i KNOW i've got another one coming up after the study. yuck.

more later, we're going out for Thai.
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  • Wow, this is cool and crazy. Good luck. I'll be tuning in. I take it you'll have a laptop in bed? I can't even begin to imagine doing this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06:51  
  • as an mri tech, our days would be long and boring if we didn't have cameras and microphones to hear you guys singing, snoring, cursing, etc. We're used to anything you could possibly imagine. Nothing surprises us. I suspect your tech was very used to having patients freak out. Along with the computer malfunction, I suspect it made him/her truly work for their money.

    By Blogger Pampered Kittens, at 23:08  
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