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re: freakout

03 February 2006
"last night i had my first real "freakout" about this study. all of a sudden (unfortunately right in the middle of a really amazing set by henry james)"

i think i watched this happen. you headed for the door (i was stadning right by it). you pushed at it and it didn't open. you turned the knob, left out, anf you didn't come back.


yep. that was it. shit was just not going well for me sunday. fun!

but i'm better now. i'd had little to no sleep the night before, worked all day, and was mentally and physically exhausted by the time we left for the show. not by the time i got to the show, but long long before it was time to leave. bleh. there was also a lot of stuff going on in my head because of the band itself, but that's out of my control and not really worth talking about here, i guess. it was kind of the culmination of about three weeks of getting excited about the study and getting depressed after the show at the grog shop on friday the 13th. add being tired and you have a recipe for eventual disaster.

and, as a side note: that door sucks for throwing temper tantrums/mental breakdowns! you're supposed to be able to just throw the door open and make a scene! ^_^ the beachland should be used to indie rocker melodrama by now... -snicker-
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