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tv issues

27 February 2006
just wondering if the part for getting the tv through the computer was rec'd, or if it might be in place soon. i don't mean to be mean or anything, but listening to that[the other test subject's] tv day in and day out is seriously intruding on my peace of mind and general sanity.

from an email i sent to ricki (study coordinator)

i haven't really said much about it yet, but it's been a week and i think she's being horribly inconsiderate at this point.

sara (the person who works on the suspensions) made an astute observation last week "you're all zen-ed out in your room with your plants and what not,... and she's in there watching tv."

exactly, it kind of ruins the "get away and have some peace of mind" mentality i had coming in. i'm sure the people reviewing the tapes will be randomly surprised at my middle-fingered-gestures towards my rude neighbor's general directions. on the tape, i'll look like i'm screaming, but i'm not.

UGH. i've had enough.

almost lab time, hopefully i get some pictures in today. yay!
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  • I know if I do this study I'm going to watch a fair amount of TV, however, I'd be nice enough to keep the volume as low as I could and not watch it all day. There are a lot of books I want to read, and things I want to learn to watch TV all day long. If anything I'd keep it on for backround noise if I'm not in the mood for music.
    I do, however, understand how annoying it can be to have it on all day long if you want nothing to do with it.
    Zen out all you want.

    By Blogger Becca, at 08:40  
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