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white noise

28 February 2006
I know if I do this study I'm going to watch a fair amount of TV, however, I'd be nice enough to keep the volume as low as I could and not watch it all day. There are a lot of books I want to read, and things I want to learn to watch TV all day long. If anything I'd keep it on for backround noise if I'm not in the mood for music.
I do, however, understand how annoying it can be to have it on all day long if you want nothing to do with it.
Zen out all you want.

you get a lot of background noise just from the hospital itself. the air purifiers also provide "white noise"... i think they do have the discovery channel and the history channel, but thats going to be a last ditch effort.


i just do not feel like eating today. i don't feel sick or anything, but i'm simply not hungry. the dietician wont' be happy, plus it sounds like i may have lost five pounds or so. oops. some of that could be water weight or something, that's a fairly dramatic drop within a week.


and i hate to admit it, but i'm a sucker for the haute couture fashion weeks that are going on right now. and of course, the shit i've been doing for months is what's hot. now all the scenesters and fashionistas are gonna be copping my style, when i can't even be out to defend my "i was doing this first" title.


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