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28 March 2006
teh foood! there's so much food! this is ridiculous. i keep forgetting about things that have been taken away, things that i've set aside for later. so 1030, 11pm rolls around and a nurse asks "do you want your [insert random food item here] from [breakfast/lunch/dinner]?" blech!

gross alert:
my feet have gotten.... dry. dry is putting it lightly. i'm losing all of my hard-earned barefoot summer calluses. FORK. and all the dead skin that would have come off during daily usage of said footsies, .... well, it's not. they're rough and flaky and awful. sorry about the foot grossout, but it's gotten to the point that i had to say something about it. i won't post pictures. promise.

still losing lots of time to online games. -sigh- i'm STRONGER THAN THIS. i AM. i PROMISE.

but i just signed up for a youtube account. -rolls eyes- why do i keep doing this to myself?


so yesterday was busy and a lot of fun, suzanne from volunteer services came out and we talked for awhile.. mike came around and i got a bath in during suzannes lunch break (she has to leave, of course, when she eats. because i'll try to steal her food. ! haha) she came back and we worked on knitting/crochet projects (progress!) and then kat and suzy from stitch n bitch got here. whew! kat also brought her adorable daughter in, whose play date for the afternoon had fallen through. she had a lot to say about dubya. (holy god, that was heeeeeeeeelarious.) we hung out for a couple hours, at least. claire also left me this wonderful note:

 (translation: santa claus is real and he rides in a sleigh with reindeer!) PROSH.

then after everyone left, ricki came around to give me a ride around the hospital, just to get out of the room for a little bit. i was a little apprehensive, seeing as the last time almost ended up an adverse event report (with miles and miles of paperwork attached!) but she did really well. paul came along just to make me feel better, and was probably rolling his eyes at me the whole way. (or at ricki. they're great!) and i taught her how to knit! go me! go her! we stayed in the skyway until it was dark (and i had to pee, miles and miles from my bathroom), we hadn't even noticed the transition from daylight to artificial light.

and as far as today goes: SARA COME HOME already. holy cow, i didn't even get through one full suspension before i was threatening matt with my knitting needles. i meant it too. hah! but in all honesty, i can hold my own. in fact, the boys are having a hard time keeping up. also today: highest suspension ever. matt had to really reach to get the... the.... the big brass things that stop the cradle rope. sara (and the lab crew) knows what i'm talking about, and when i go down tomorrow i'll try to remember to get a picture.

today was supposed to be mel's first day back from vacation (she went to freaking BRAZIL. wtf.) but i guess her trip didn't go as well as planned and she got sunburned so badly that she couldn't come into work. being as fair skinned as i am, i've had this happen before. it was in gradeschool, but i still had some pretty bad problems with sunburns when teachers and/or daycare providers would forget to put sunscreen on me (and my brother for that matter) ..... ick.


eating has gotten a little easier with the schedule change. i still FORGET about food, but i've been eating more of it at meal time as opposed to letting it sit til i'm hungry. at least, i'm trying to. (hear that? i'm TRYING.) 730a/1230p/530p? not happening. 11a/3p/7p... working out. but i'm still fighting the fact that i'm not hungry, i'm not doing enough to feel hungry on a regular basis. but i'm TRYING.

and in other news... my plants are going insane! they love it here, and they're bigger every time i look at them.

it's after 1am now, and i still have a flipping muffin to eat. -rolls eyes-

and this one is for john...
my momma don't love me no more, cuz i been bad

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