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15 March 2006
  mike came in today and spent a couple hours with me, it felt nice to just see him when he didn't have anywhere to be (band practice, back to work, back to lakewood, etc ad nauseum) he's been wonderful all this time, and i'm already planning his birthday present(s)... i can't wait! i get out of bed on his birthday too.

i less than three mike, i really do.

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  • i second the initial awww.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03:34  
  • When I was younger, younger than before
    I never saw the truth hanging from the door.
    -- Nick Drake

    Now that you are in a happy mood, it might be a good time to start a Gratitude Journal to get you through the rough spots during the next nine weeks.

    It looks like you may have some bad Karma.

    Is this the reason that you can't sleep or focus on anything?

    And your boyfiend needs to get drunk and take off from his job to make you feel better?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:56  
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