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anti-social vertigo

03 March 2006
the vertigo seems to kick back in when i'm pissed. figured.

i'm going to go read and hope i don't have to talk to anyone else tonight. i've been kind of bitchy with the nurse and nonchalant with mike and i feel bad. i'm not really like this.

here's to hoping tomorrow goes better than today.

and hoping that pink moon really can cure everything that ails you.

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  • Erin,

    What are they doing to help with the vertigo?? Are they giving you something? I think it migh tbe more than your being frustrated - I had it a couple of times and it sucked and I was told by a doctor (at the Clinic actaully) that it's sometimes due to an internal inbalance going on in the inner ear - I was wondering could that have something to do with you being tilted at a -6 degrees??

    Anyhow vertigo sucks - it really does.

    However - hang in there!!! You are strong, you are young and resiliant, if anyone can get through this it's you - keep teeling yourself what a wonderful'beneficial thing you are doing to help personkind (sorry I hate the word mankind)...seriously - you are obviously an amazing person just by the mere fact you are doing this and I know it's hard to 'see' now but time goes by so quickly....try to keep your spirits up, know that many of us out here admire you and are pulling for you - and keep trying the meditation - even if you feel like it's not working doing a little every morning and every night WILL help you - I know it helps I do AND I teach the technique to others - well as far as one can teach another such things....

    Soon you will beout out with your loved ones and friends again and living life to the fullest - and the irony just might be that you will miss your alone time...



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