stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden

day eighteen

09 March 2006
haven't had a post with much substance in awhile. sorry! i'm having a hard time concentrating on ANYTHING these days, much less writing a full length blog entry.

meeting with don thomas was great. i got to ask a ton of questions about what it was like in space, and how it was to come back down. i had a hard time imagining this person in front of me had been in space, not one but FOUR times. i got a great kick out of that. he told me that watching a shuttle launch is an experience you never forget. ever. euphoric even.

turns out he kept journals too, while he was in space. i never thought of that, but what an unbelievable thing to have ten, twenty years later. that's part of why i'm writing tonight, i was told to keep it up and i'll have a great record of this whole experience.... so far fewer people have done this study than have been in space, so it's such a unique job. the days are starting to run together too

i got some autographed pictures, a poster, and vague promises of sweet passes at the shuttle launch in july. he's really nice :-)

i also (very briefly) got to meet two women from JSC down in houston. every time i meet new people from nasa, it's almost embarrassing, they start talking about the work i'm doing for the space program and all kinds of stuff... it's fun to say that myself, but i get almost bashful when someone else is saying it. it feels good though, being recognized for something that i'm doing. i feel like what i'm doing is worthwhile, worth my time and sacrifice.

that's not to say that i wouldn't love to go home and crawl into my own bed, my own sheets, in my own place. i miss my big pillowtop mattress.


i've been giving out my blog address like crazy. i'm over 1000 visitors now!

space cadet entry. my brain is not all together here.

i've been listening to elliot smith all day. wow. i can't believe what i've been missing.
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