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day eleven(ty seven)

02 March 2006
this is the third time i've posted this... hopefully everything works this time!

 presents abound! i'm so behind!

mike brought in a new plant (hoorah! the count is up to five plants, plus the daisies that are still going strong) and special hangers so the hanging plants can hang anywhere in my room. and, always appreciated: some fresh clean clothes. oh, i almost forgot! yesterday he brought in a little chime, to help with my meditation stuffs. it's so pretty! plus some tiny incense sticks to stick in plant soil, to make it smell more like home and less like a hospital.
yesterday elizabeth, one of the nurses here in the GCRC, dropped off some awesome books and cds.
henry miller's tropic of cancer
colin wilson's the philosopher's stone
and a collection of essays/experiences called rapid eye. it looks to be the first volume.

and cds?
john cale - fragments of a rainy season
the cure - wish
public image ltd - s/t
sonic youth - goo
steven jesse bernstien - prison. (spoken word from sub pop?! be still my heart!)
 and then TODAY, she drops off MORE cds:
the essential leonard cohen
damien rice - O
the myths collection part two (compilation)
bright eyes - i'm wide awake it's morning

wait! it gets better.

today, before mike came in, he stopped off at home to get dinner for himself. and when he came in, he brought with him a box from amazon.com. i hadn't ORDERED anything from amazon.com. so. i got to have a five year old glee moment tearing open the mystery box to find:

kurt konnegut's cat's cradle
charles bukowski's women
and spiritualized - lazer guided melodies.

all from my amazon wishlist.


and the best part: (sorry about the crack shake picture!)
  that's right. there's more coming! wow, mark p, from SF, thank you so much, if you're reading this. -grin- i don't even know what to say!

wow, between henry miller and charles bukowski, i'm set for dirty old men. haha.

so much more to say, but i want to start reading like ... .RIGHT NOW! Posted by Picasa
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  • You go! Dirty ol man!

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  • hey stardust -- any musical requests? or is matt's archive at yanp still keeping you busy?

    MOD, C&T

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