stardust holiday
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day thirtynine

30 March 2006
the traffic is dying off, the day is coming to a close.... wow. every once in awhile i get a swift kick in the ass from the internet, reminding me what a vast resource of information and publicity it is.

a LOT of people from NASA saw this too. (hi!) someone got a hold of matt and they wanted to talk to me. i heard from Jim at NASA HQ in washington DC; Mark, a NASA research pilot from california; and Ryan at SpaceNow, to name a few.

i have some other writing to do for now, signing off.

now listening: mates of state - think long. (i am IN LOVE with this song.)
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  • I'm glad to see that some of my readers stopped by to visit. I moved the posting up toward the top to see if I can send you a few more visitors.

    Keep up the good work!

    Keith Cowing
    Editor, NASA Watch (10 years old today!)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01:01  
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