stardust holiday
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day twenty nine

20 March 2006
ok, so today i've had about half a dozen calls (and countless nurses bugging me) about how much weight i've lost. i'm below accepted protocol standards (or however they put it) and not only are they telling me this is a bad thing that i've lost so much weight, but that i have to GAIN IT BACK. (well, most of it)

-insert long string of swear words here-

wow, are they kidding? most of the nurses (and dieticians and lab techs) are women. and they all feel bad about telling me that i have to gain this weight back. but they have to do it. i have to gain some of this weight back. and it's all going to be FAT. and i'm going to HATE it.-sigh- what a friggin pain.

i know what it is. it's the fact that i'm eating healthy for once in my life. i could easily lose 20 pounds on this "diet" (in fact, i've already lost 12. wow. without trying or anything)

BUT, the good news is... i know that it's possible. low-cal, low-fat, low-sodium diet. i can do it, i'm doing it right now. but that might end up being a little different when i have chipotle available...

mmmmm.... chipotle....

so anyway, i'm being told to eat stuff with the highest fat and calorie content first. and if i'm not that hungry, and all i have left are some veggies and some dessert, to eat the dessert.

wow, in your face, mom. haha, that's right: dessert has higher priority than veggies.

almost time for my massage, i'm sure there will be plenty more later.
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