stardust holiday
chronicles of the chronically (and voluntarily) bedridden

day twenty

11 March 2006
i know, i haven't written the past couple of days.

today mel and sara came out and learned how to knit, thanks to the ever-patient kat (who also brought presents! hooorah! more yarn! and some custom cd's courtesy of her former-dj husband, thanks mason!) i had a good time with them, i'm glad more people hadn't shown up, it was pretty crowded as it was. well... my stash is starting to take over my room. you think i'm kidding? i'll have pictures up within a day or two.

i cast on an irish hiking scarf, and because i've got nothing but time on my hands, decided to work with colored cables. like pain much? jeez, already having a "what the freakin hell was i thinking" time with it... being that this is my first piece with cables AND my first piece with color work in it. whew. i don't know if i'm doing it right though. -sigh-

sara was here almost five hours, all told, mel and kat were here nearly four. it made the day go by a lot faster, it felt good to have people around. it improves my weekend dramatically, so i think i'm going to have the same kind of thing every weekend. and hopefully it will continue after i get out too. (listen to me, it sounds like i'm in prison!)

well... at least in prison you can take shits without having to announce it to the warden. -snicker- and in prison you get yr prison yard time every day, not just week days. and you get "strung up" a lot less in prison.

yep, looks like prison is better? maybe not,... -shrug-

after sara left, mike came in and spent a couple hours with me. brought in fresh laundry and helped out with bath time. ....i think i'm going to be in trouble when i get out. -grin- it is ridiculous how much i miss him. i honestly didn't think it would be this bad... but it is. i'm glad he's been around for me and keeping me sane.

i know have a long road ahead of me, even after i get out of bed in nine weeks, i have two long months of rehab. whew. i'll come out of this tired and happy, a better person for it.

tomorrow i'm one fourth of the way through the study! go me.
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