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03 March 2006
must......... disconnect.... from..... ebayyyyyyyyyyyy

i've been daydreaming all morning about the car i'm going to buy to replace my rabbit. because, it looks like poor wittle alice (my 84 vw rabbit, white, natch) won't last much longer, or we are simply going to be unable to keep putting money into her. this little white rabbit = big black money hole.most likely getting another vdub, but may pass if i find a hot little bmw 3 series convertible. i have my sights set high, i know. but i love driving. i LOVE driving. you might even say i'm addicted. i learned to drive a manual transmission last year, and now all bets are off.

well, it's lab time. lots more later, including the source of the mysterious amazon box. -grin-
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  • For a second I thought I was going crazy. While I was reading this entry, I started to sing White Rabbit. Then it got louder and louder until I could actually *hear* it. I then realized the bar downstairs was playing it. Weird.

    By Blogger Becca, at 18:42  

    By Anonymous Kim, at 18:59  
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