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08 March 2006
oh! i talked to leia alligator today, she just got back from florida. man, do i miss her. oh, and her radio-dj boyfriend is going to do a radio interview with me for 89.3 wcsb (oh eric, don't you wish you'd thought of that first?! lol)

did i mention that i missed her? yeah? well i do. 17 days without leia alligator sunshine? it was kinda gray around the edges. but it's good to know she's back(and in mostly working order - she got sunburned pretty badly down there. silly, alligators need sunscreen too!)

in other news: one of my friends is in jail?! i don't know whether to laugh or cry. poor guy. he was supposed to go to california this weekend. he's going to miss my return to earth party and lila's 06/06/06 party. (yes, say that how you see it.) -sigh- oh well. we'll have more parties when he gets out.
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