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31 March 2006
Hey Erin,

How did you land such a cushy job, anyway? ;)

I saw the Nasawatch post and decided to stop by and say hello. I'm working on the Constellation Program right now - the return to the Moon - aka "Vision for Space Exploration". My job is coordinating the JPL participation in the systems engineering and integration of the program, and other areas as well. I can tell you that astronaut safety, productivity and well-being are getting a lot of attention. I work with several astronauts - I'll be in Houston next week and ask them to stop by your blog. I have space exploration items in my two blogs, http://weirdfuture.blogspot.com/ and http://danger359.stumbleupon.com/

Regards, and keep up the good work!

- Dave A.

oh no! a fellow stumbler! -grin- i've had to hide my stumble toolbar so i could catch up on all the email i've gotten since yesterday.

and the "cushy job" got landed by being in the right place at the right time. they lowered the age requirement to 21 right before i contacted the study... lucky me! if it had been a month earlier, i wouldn't have even passed the initial online test, and would have never given it another thought.
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